Thursday, July 31, 2014

My dad came to visit!

Saturday night my dad came over! Originally he was supposed to be here until Monday but ended up staying all the way through Thursday! We had a great time as usual :) The first couple of days we just chilled, had bible study, I did a couple easy repairs on his clothes, and got some ice cream (the usual tradition/routine).

I had been wanting to get my hands on a record player for YEARS and this week after much deliberation we marched down to Target (my favorite place) and bought one with my birthday money. (More on that in a separate post!) Naturally we hit up some thrift stores to buy records. It felt like we were there for hours but it was time well spent. I came home with about 40 records for about $30! Not too bad... I was going bananas over every record I saw simply because it's all so new to me while my dad was in a more nostalgic state of mind. While we were driving around we came across some pretty cool things like that power/energy box thing on the side of the freeway. I don't know whether the city painted it or a random person but either way it made me smile. Best graffiti ever! My dad thought it was Ariel but I told him she's a ginger.

Of course we had to pop into Mickey D's for lunch (another tradition) and chatted about random funny things. Since we were pretty close by he thought it would be a cool idea to drive by our old house. And I freaked out once I realized that's where we were going. I felt smacked in the gut by nostalgia and quite a bit of sadness and longing. So much has changed since we lived there! I think I'll write about it soon. I have so much to say about the house that built me. (shouts out to Miranda Lambert)

On our way home there was a crazy beautiful sunset that we (and about 6 other drivers and a couple of joggers) literally pulled over to take pictures of. It was so unreal! The sun rays, the colors in the sky, just everything was picture perfect. Proof positive that the best things in life are free. 

I hurried to my bedroom to unload all of my stuff and my dad helped me set up the record player. Oh man, that was a funny couple of hours. He literally had to teach me the different parts of it, how to use it, how to store and take care of my records, etc. And of course the first record I tested out was my man Nat King Cole's Christmas Album. Oh how I wish it could be Christmas all the time. 

I realize now that my pictures are a little bit out of order, woops. Just pretend that the above information is at the end of the post. Anyway, earlier that day we had gone to thrift store #2 which happens to be my absolute favorite place to shop (also it's practically in the middle of nowhere).

As usual I made my dad hold a bunch of stuff while I tried things on. I took a few pictures while I was in the dressing room because I couldn't believe some of the ridiculousness that was in there! Turns out my followers/friends seemed to like it and it was really fun interacting and LOL'ing about my findings. It was like having shopping buddies! I think every time I go shopping in a cool/fun place I'm gonna take y'all with me. Kind of like live-tweeting! Live-gramming? Ok, we'll work on a name later...

There was so much cool stuff! But if you 'bout that thrift store life you already know how it is. I have just a few pics here but there's a bajillion more on my instagram if you want to see more. I came home with just a few pieces; a grandma purse, a couple blouses, a couple of dresses, and some belts because mine are currently falling apart. Today as I've said was his last day hanging out with us. (insert sad violin music here)

We went BACK to the thrift store (I know I know) because we forgot to pick up the cabinet for my record player to sit on. It had actually dropped in price from $9 to $5! Win!! We raced over to Home Depot for spray paint and some other things he needed. I still don't know what color to make this cabinet guys, what do you think? Silver? Gold? Chalkboard?

Anyway, I'm really sad that our fun week of adventures was over. My sister drove him back home but I stayed here. I hate goodbyes. Somehow I had this whole week off from work (with the exception of Sunday) which almost NEVER happens. I'm so so thankful for all the quality time. He told me that he'll be back soon though. Like within the next week soon. So even though I'm bummed that he left today, I have next week to look forward to! Adventure is out there!!

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