Saturday, March 29, 2014

One mans trash...

Walked into my room earlier this week and what was waiting for me? A box and a bag full of clothes and shoes! This must be my lucky day!


 Every now and then, my mom and my sister go through their wardrobe. Whatever they don't want goes to me, and whatever I don't want or can't use goes straight to charity. Normally I give about half of everything to charity. Including a bunch of clothes and shoes from my own wardrobe. Somewhere towards the end of the month when everything is sorted and we're absolutely 100% SURE of what we're giving away we'll take all the bags/boxes down to one of the local shops. Everybody wins!

Categorizing makes everything easier. Here's the system I use:
KEEP- goes without saying, things you'll definitely keep.
MEND/ALTER- clothes that really classify as a 'maybe.' Keep only on the condition that you mend them (hole in your jeans. replace buttons.) or alter them (refashion/upcycle) 
GIVE AWAY- if you have a friend or family member in mind you think would enjoy or could really use some of the things you were considering getting rid of.
CHARITY- off they go to find a new home!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

I'm still alive!

Hello! Long time no talk, I know... But as I've mentioned before we moved to a new apartment, again. Which I'm sure 99% of you will agree is no easy feat. The bedrooms, the bathroom, and kitchen are pretty much the only rooms that are functional at this point. Literally everywhere else is piled to the ceiling with bags and boxes of stuff. We're constantly rearranging the things that are out. It's been almost a month and we're nowhere near settled in! But it's not like we've got a deadline or anything so I'm not worried about it. Although I would like to be done in the next month. By the end of April? Fingers crossed!

I don't usually take a hiatus from the internet but we haven't got internet in my place yet so... I mean, I can use my mobile but it's just not the same, you know? Also, no TV. I KNOW! CRAZY! But I've never been really big on television with the exception of a handful of shows. So when I really want to watch something I just hop over to my sisters house and binge on Hulu. Which works out great for me because she works during the day. So I just pop over and get the living room to myself! Plus she has a microwave in her kitchen and I do not. So there's that.

This month I've gotten a lot of reading done, too. I've always been a bit of a book nerd (I get that from my dad) and in high school I could be found with my nose in a book or after school in the library. I used to lose my mind when the librarians would throw out old books and give 'em to students for free! But I'm getting off topic... I've been hanging around booktube (the side of the youtube community where reading fanatics reside) and have been getting all kinds of recommendations from the last year or so. Some of y'all will remember me talking about the books I ordered from Amazon. Well, I've gone a bit bananas and ordered a few more. And by few I mean 7. Ooops! But who cares, I love reading. And so far this month I've read 5 books!! Right now I'm in the middle of Delirium by Lauren Oliver. If you're a book lover too or if you just wanna see what I'm reading/my favorite books you can now find me on Goodreads!

Between sewig, going back and forth to work, organizing and reorganizing, cleaning, walking, and reading YO GIRL IS TIRED! But it's a good tired. A 'getting things done' kinda tired. I've got plenty of things I wanna share from this month so stay tuned!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

3 Little Things

  1. We got the keys to our apartment yesterday! The floors are finished and we can start moving things over. I have mixed feelings about the whole idea of moving, but I am a bit excited. Mainly because I get the chance to decorate ^_^ We have yet to begin the process of actually moving boxes but by this time next week we should be almost settled.
  2. I'm expecting a package in the mail very soon
  3. Getting started on making some cute things to send to my sister and my niece I didn't get a chance to do much last month. Mainly because of the rough patch I was going through along with hitting a creative wall. But once I get my sewing room all set up I'll be back in action!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Out of my comfort zone

I woke up today around noon feeling sick. I knew it was because of yesterday’s stupidity married with nerves, so I did my best to suck it up. 

I went to my friends house last night to record. He's a super gangster thug rapper and he wanted me on the hook. ME! He talked about it before briefly a couple months ago but I didn't think he was serious until recently. He sent me the song last weekend to get familiar with it and last night we put on our headphones and went at it. I was a nervous wreck. I haven't actually sang in front of another human being in over a year, needless to say I was out of practice. I think I did an OK job masking my jitters by distracting him with loads of questions. But I think my nervous laughter gave it away. He could tell I was insecure and he called me out on it which obviously made me more insecure and want to run away but in the end it really wasn't so bad. As usual I let my nerves get the best of me and made a mountain out of a mole hill. I will say though, that he was really nice to me the entire time! He didn't laugh at me or critique me harshly or anything at all. So that's something. His cousin, who left early for a *date*, is also a super gangster thug rap star and he asked if I would sing on his song as well. I told him I would try but I can't promise I'll be any good. As terrified as I was of being the one to ruin his song (which was pretty deep by the way) I went for it anyway. I mean, I was already there! I might as well sing. I did the best I could, considering, and hopefully it was enough. While I'm on the subject of singing- I've always been really insecure about my voice. And these days I don't even sing just for myself. I hate to be such a downer but I've got nothing in my life that's worth singing about. But maybe, just maybe, that will soon change.

On a happier note: I got a note from an old friend about his fundraiser. He does 'The Gong Show" like once a year or something like that to raise money for a local kids' summer program. Cool right? This time around he had the idea to have a Tina Turner copycat and guess who he thought of? I don't know where the heck I'm gonna find a wig and an outfit on such short notice. Did I mention the show is next Saturday? He tells me on the phone, "Find yourself a really big CRAZY wig, a gold chain-mail pixie dress, a hit Tina song, and if you could rally some of your girlfriends to be your background singers that would be great too." WHAT?! But I'm excited! I already have the perfect outfit in mind. A couple songs are floating around in my head. But background singers? I can't pull that rabbit out of my hat. Another thing is that I have to work that night from 4 until 8! The show starts at 8!! I'll see if I can switch my schedule around. I told him I'd give him a call ASAP so that he has some time to find a replacement if I can't get off work early.

They say that life starts at the end of your comfort zone.
Well these two things are waaaaaaay out of MY comfort zone.

Cheers to trying new things.
Wish me luck!

Favorite album right now: AM - Arctic Monkeys

photo source: unknown

photo source: unknown
^^ Homegirl pretty much summed it up.