Friday, February 28, 2014

My shows are back!

 I don't watch tv on an actual television. Not because I don't have one, I prefer to wait until the end of the week so I can binge watch them all in one day with only 30-60 second commercial breaks. Now before you say anything, yes I do have a DVR. As a matter of fact we actually have that DirecTv 'genie' thing that allows you to watch and record 5 shows at once! However I live with my family and my mom and sister almost always have all five going on some talk show or reality show that I couldn't care less about. So around August/September I signed up for Hulu and Netflix so that I can watch whatever I want whenever I want. Every show has a break between seasons and most have a mid-season break. This used to drive me bananas because I typically don't enjoy reruns of anything. Unless I absolutely love it I can't watch anything more than once. But this post is not about praising Hulu and Netflix. It's about... Well actually idk what it's about.

Some of my shows are finally back with a new episode and I'm worried I might be late for work because of it.

I'm currently sitting on my couch just mixing my Reese's Pieces cereal around in my bowl with my spoon. I've been awake for 2 hours or so catching up on some of my favorite blogs. I was just about to finish up and start my day when I made the mistake of clicking the Hulu bookmark at the top of my screen. It's a quarter to 12 and I have to be at work at 4:15. I was going to clean up the living room and start getting ready but screw that. I'll throw everything in a ball, shove some stuff into a drawer, put dishes in the sink and take a shorter shower. I got shows to watch.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

On the back burner

I know I'm not alone in this. But I have a bad habit of getting really over excited about all my sewing projects. I start about 50 of them in a single day thinking I can get it all done in a reasonable amount of time. In my mind that time frame usually equals a week. Which I probably would be able to do if I wasn't going back and forth to work, making things for other people, in the process of moving (again), handling day-to-day responsibilities, and blahblahblah. The first couple of days I'm on fire! Patterns all cut, everything is pinned and ready to go, got my music goin, and I'm knocking out projects left and right. Eventually I run out of steam and am just completely overwhelmed. I suddenly lose all motivation and put things away thinking 'oh I'll just put this over here and take a break for today. I'll come right back tomorrow.' And of course I don't come back to it. Like at all. Or at least not for another week. Sometimes my plans are interrupted by work or some other responsibility and I have no choice but to pause everything. But by the time I get back I look at my hot mess of a living room aka sewing room and just don't wanna do it anymore!

Needless to say I'm not superwoman and I can't always finish everything right away. So some things get put on hold until I have a little more time. What's pictured above ain't even the half of it y'all.

Useless facts about myself #2

An ongoing list of useless things about myself you probably don't care about but I'm going to tell you anyway:

  • I like to make lists of things. I like to write things down. I have about 50 million half-finished notebook scattered across my house.
  • I HATE using pencils. And I HATE blue ink.
  • Vegetarian of 6 years!
  • Sewing and DIY'ing things is a big part of my life
  • I refuse to wear pants unless it's absolutely necessary. I own two pairs of pants and they are for emergencies only.
  • You will never catch me NOT wearing pink. You just won't.
  • I have perfectionist tendencies, thanks mom
  • Although most of the time I'm a hot mess
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Obsessed with all things love-related. 
  • Actually I'm quick to become obsessed with lots of things
  • Hablo español, pero solo un poquito.
  • I find it hard to watch most movies more than once, once it's over it's over and I don't ever wanna hear about it again.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Social

  1. What are your favorite things to do on a lazy day?

2. What is your tv guilty pleasure?
Oh this is a dangerous question... I have so many! I definitely am not sorry about it but I love to watch make fun of any reality show. My favorite right now is Braxton Family Values. Tamar... I cannot

3. What is your favorite road trip music?
Funny you should ask. I have little playlists right over here:

4. What are your favorite magazines or books to read by the pool or laying around?
Some say it's an obsession, some say collection, call it what you will. I love Seventeen, Teen Vogue, Nylon, Allure, the usual magazines. For books I love science fiction ie. Scott Westerfield, but weirdly the only books I actually own are a few Sarah Dessen books my favorite of hers though is Lock & Key.

5. What is your favorite snack?
Apples! Chips and salsa! Carrots! Uncooked tortillas!
Not all together of course, but I could snack on those things allllll day.

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday when I went in to work one of my coworkers had bought us all cupcakes! I love the people I work with, so thoughtful. picked up a few things at the supermarket for the next week or two of meals. Now, I will say that I really hate cooking and only do so as a last resort... For whatever reason lately I've been in the mood to cook! Anybody who knows me in real life would know how much of a big deal that is. I've tried a few new recipes I saw floating around Pinterest and even came up with a couple of my own! I failed to blog them (sorry y'all) But I promise the next time I make dinner I'll have the recipes up so you can try it out. Or pin it to one of your boards never to be seen again like I do :p Today I was making headbands for my niece. She's taking some ~professional pictures at the mall in the next day or two. Can you guess the theme? I don't have them pictured but I'm basically making like 3 of everything. It sounds like a lot of work because it is. I have another niece in Idaho and my sister let me know via FB that she definitely wants some headbands for her! So I'm excited to get to work! Thanks to Pinterest I have sooooo many ideas. And we all know how that goes lol. However I am determined to get it done. I have given myself a deadline of this Saturday. So here we go!

Put your hearts up // Valentine's Day OOTD

Dress, sweater, and bag- Thrifted   Bow- DIY   Tights- Target

This year my V-day consisted of: sleeping in, playing with my hair, bugging my sister, painting my nails, Disney marathons, bugging my sister some more, eating, eating, and eating. I almost went to a little shingdig a friend was having but I ended up chillin like villains with my mom and my sister :) Good stuff!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everyone's mad here, darling. // Useless facts about myself #1

We all do weird things every now and then, am I right?
When I have my hair in a ponytail I swing it around extra hard.  I love feeling it bounce around! For some reason I just feel really really girly with a ponytail and I want everyone on Earth to know it! When my hair is down I can't stop touching it and running my hands through it. It's funny though because pretty much all the females on my moms side of the family is the same way. We all run our fingers through our hair all the time. Most of the time we don't even know we're doing it until someone says something. And it's like a yawn, it's contagious! If I see my mom running her fingers through her hair suddenly I feel myself going *gasp! my hair!* and proceed to stroke my hair for the next 3 hours. But I mean it's so soft!! How can I not touch it?

I almost always paint my nails two different colors.  Like my left hand is always dark colors and my right is always the lighter hand. I have NO idea when I started doing this. But I'm so indecisive and can't commit to just one nail polish haha!

I daydream a lot.  But that's not the weird thing. While daydreaming I can't respond at all. I'll be staring off into the abyss with my eyes wide open. I can hear you... but I feel like I can't actually move. It's like I'm paralyzed.

It has been brought to my attention that my lip twitches when I'm nervous and/or excited.

Speaking of nervousness, when I sing in front of people I have stage fright.  But that's totally normal. However I am really withdrawn. Like to the point that I come off as bored and uninterested. Like I'd rather be watching paint dry. Which makes no sense because on the inside I'm ecstatic! I guess I don't really know how to translate that excitement. Oh well...

Never ever in my life will I take a pill for something. I can't swallow them! I feel like I'm choking and then my throat closes and I can't breathe and I freak out and I start crying and asdlhkffghjkll It's just a mess. And if that isn't the worst part I almost always have nightmares the same day about pills.

While I'm in the car I pretend I'm in a music video. Of course I'm usually facing the window and always get caught by other drivers. When that happens though I laugh it off and roll down the window and sing to them anyway! Most of the time they laugh and keep it movin. You have to be able to laugh at yourself right?

I eat ice cream with a fork.  Actually I eat almost everything with a fork except soup.

Speaking of food, I can't eat mac & cheese WITHOUT mixing it with peas. They are both terrible on their own.

Whenever I cut my bangs/fringe the decision is usually made due to the fact that my eyebrows have grown out and I'm too lazy to get 'em done again. I know, it's a lot more effort to give yourself a haircut than to sit in a chair for 15 minutes and have someone thread your eyebrows. But yo girl ain't trying to pay $8 every month for that. And I've had too many trials and errors to do them myself. And I've got the pictures to prove it. I'd be lookin like Janelle from Teen Mom 2 out here. Uh-uh, bangs it is!

At home and at work I say Hi! literally 500 times a day.... to everyone over and over. Every time I walk past you or come into the same room with you I have to say it. I don't know when or why this started either. Oh but I just saw you 5 minutes ago? Doesn't matter.  And now I feel odd if I don't say Hi or Hello or some kind of greeting every time I see a human being I'll go crazy.

I save the receipts of everything. EVERYTHING. It started out a few years ago just to keep track of my spending throughout the year. That way I could plan a practical budget for myself. And then it was for taxes. And now it's just because I'm turning into a hoarding freak. But at least I organize them!!

I use music as a measurement of time. Like oh, from point A to point B is about 5 songs. Maybe that sounds weird to you but it's pretty legit if you think about it. Most songs are between 3 and 5 minutes long. If a car ride is about 45 minutes long that's 45/5=9! So 9 songs maybe 10 MAX that you'll have to sit through! I keep track of how many songs have passed along the way to know whether or not we're almost there. Hahaha it's sounds a little bananas but it works for me.

When I put something in the microwave I scramble to get as much done as possible before it gets down to zero. Literally I'm sprinting. I'll put stuff away, comb my hair, paint a portrait, WHAT EVER. I don't even know where the sudden list of things to do comes from! Once that start button has been pressed, I FEEL PRESSED! But it all has to be done in time for the food to be ready. And I can never have it actually hit zero. One of my pet peeves is that high pitch beeping. Ugh! I cannot.

I still play dress up with tiaras and all the fixins! It's even more fun now that I'm older because I don't have to resort to tying bedsheets around myself to resemble a dress or using cheap polyester costumes that were too small for me from previous Halloweens. I can use real clothes and level up with hair and makeup to match! In the privacy of my own home of course. Unfortunately it's still not socially acceptable for a grown woman to go out like that unless that is you're on your way to a cosplay convention or something. Hmmm, maybe I just found a new hobby ;) I don't care what y'all say, pretending is fun and I'm grown so I can do whatever I want.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Happy Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk Day!

So as it is currently 11:13 pm I'm realizing that I'm a bit late in telling you this. But HAPPY DON'T CRY OVER SPILLED MILK DAY! Also, God bless America for having all these fun little made up holidays. I only found out about it a few hours ago through

Although it is also national inventors day and peppermint patty day. But no one cares about that right now. Apparently no one knows why or when these holidays became national holidays (does anyone???). My favorite tale is that fairies who were quite fond of milk would drink up any spills left behind. Slightly creepy to think that if you go to grab a towel or napkin to clean up your mess little human/mosquito hybrids are all up in your kitchen. But I'm sure it was a sweet thing to tell the little ones. Kinda like Santa or the Tooth Fairy or something.

The day represents a moment to regroup after recent hardship and push forward with a positive attitude. The phrase points to the idea that getting upset over every little problem will lead to nothing beneficial.

Let the record show that positive thinkers:
  • live longer 
  • have lower rates of depression
  • sleep better
 Take today (and everyday) as a friendly reminder that you shouldn't sweat the small stuff. Especially the things you cannot do anything about.

Also, s/o to the moms out there!

Pool Hall Junkies + A Game of Truth

Last Friday I didn't get home until about 3 am! I know, crazy right? I've never been out that late!

My friend from high school came to my house after work. He actually came inside and met my dad which was bizarre because in my whole life only like 3 people have ever been inside my house! Needless to say I was mortified when my dad began his interrogation. Thankfully it was over quickly and we left. Picked up his cousin Kyle and his friend Ezana on the way. We went to a little cafe a few towns over and watched some local bands play. His friend is in the band The Brothers Small and I really dig them. (The Brothers Small Facebook & Soundcloud) Also while I have you looking up some music you should ABSOLUTELY listen to my friend Jesse, he goes by the name Asymptote! Here's his Youtube SoundCloud & Facebook. Tell him Ebone sent cha ;) Just kidding don't tell him that.

So back to the story... I met a few new people there including 'little miss sunshine.' Her name was Sara and she literally has one of the happiest smiles I've ever seen! There were a few really drunk dudes alllll the way turnt up right off the side off the lil stage. Now mind you, this is a relatively small cafe so we're about 7 or 8 feet away from them. This one guy in particular in Jesse's words was "the epitome of a frat boy." And he was right, but no judgements here. If you wanna have fun, have fun. But it was entertaining to say the least. Oh and I learned what a 'mosh pit' was! Haha at first I was confused and a little nervous that a fight was sure to break out. But apparently it's dancing?? I mean, running into each other, pushing and shoving, jumping around... I looked around and no one was really reacting to it. I thought, okay so we're all just gonna ignore that? Pretend it's not happening? Alrighty then.... Doesn't look like any dancing I've ever seen. I don't get it but do you boo. Do you.

I don't know how long we were there, maybe an hour and a half? Anyway I had a great time. Afterward we went to the pool hall that I'd heard so much about. I don't know what I was expecting it to look like. I guess I thought it would be like it was on television. Dim, smokey, lots of testosterone. But it was the exact opposite! It reminded me of an arcade but instead of video games there were pool tables all over the place. They had a little section off to the side for darts, an air hokey table, a foosball table too! (I may or may not have just Googled how to spell foosball) But 80% of the floor was filled with what I'm gonna guess as 20 pool tables with about a hundred people all around. There was music playing and everyone in the building seemed to be having a great time! And I was worse than I thought at pool. But I gave it the old college try. His cousin was actually pretty good at it. K- Jesse's cousin is funny. E- his friend is quiet for the most part but he's really chill. There were a few lulls here and there when we ran out of things to say. But overall I had a fantastic night. Laughing pretty much the entire time.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Regaining Motivation

I miss writing. Not like for blogging. But writing research papers, essays, op-eds, blahblahblah school stuff! I miss the assignments. I miss pretending to dread having to write a paper for english class all the while secretly loving it and being so excited to sit in front of my computer at 2 in the morning staring at a blank page on microsoft word.

I write all the time. In various notebooks that I never seem to finish, on my hands, countless diaries, little lists on sticky notes, my blog. But I don't write the way I used to. Don't get me wrong, I'm no Shakespeare! I can't write a novel to save my life. And to be quite honest my writing is average at best. But despite what I show here on this lil blog 'o mine English has always been my best and most favorite subject.

Maggie at Lifesize Paperdoll just unknowingly gave me a good kick in the pants. I'm feeling really inspired to get back into writing a bit more seriously.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Social: La Television

  1. What is your favorite thing to watch on a girls night? Literally anything with tons of songs in it. Everyone loves a good sing along am I right? That or something really absurd and quote-able. Like Grease or Step Brothers.
  2. What is your favorite thing to watch on your day off? Parks and Rec, Reign, Brooklyn Nine Nine, and Impractical Jokers. 
  3. What is your favorite thing to watch when you're sick?  Disney movies! Pocahontas is my personal favorite. I could watch it all day long <3
  4.  What is the last movie you saw in the theater? Despicable Me 2!!! And I loved it!
  5. What are your top three favorite movies or tv shows? Oh my gosh, what a hard question! Well, I'm definitely obsessed with Parks and Recreation so there's one. Um, a close second is Doctor Who. This is a movie not a show but third would be Uptown Saturday Night with Sidney Poitier and Bill Cosby.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Moving shmoving

Day 1 of moving: Clothes and random household items
Day 2: Furniture and boxes
Day 3: Anything else left behind and cleaning. Lots of cleaning.

Pretty much everything we need is in the downstairs apt. Today we're still cleaning out the upstairs place. So far so good, getting a lot done. I learned that my sister and I are allergic to latex. So no gloves for me. Also my hatred for scented cleaning products remains unchanged. Gag. I'm sore :( but in a day or two it will all be over.

The other day I was invited to hang out with him and some of his friends. He knows a guy in a band and they're playing a few towns over on Friday. He also mentioned tacos and pool. Which is cool because he told me about this pool hall that he and his cousin were regulars at so I guess we're going there? I'm rubbish at pool though. I mean, I know how to play but really I suck. So this should be fun.
And shut up. It's not a date.

The combination of my cycle screwing things up, less hours at work, and bad weather is frustrating. Not to mention I'm all sentimental from going through all my old things! Picture frames, postcards, old notebooks and journals, photo albums and yearbooks, etc. I have to constantly remind myself of the light at the end of the tunnel. By the time March rolls around this will all be over. It's a process but we're getting there.