Saturday, August 31, 2013

Summer Sunday Social

Hello hello hello everybody!! Hope you're doin' well :)
Let's get into the questions!

 What was your favorite trip/vacation/activity this summer? 

Well, normally my birthday is the highlight of my summers. But this year I have to say the 4th of July!!! It's easily one of the funnest +FUNNIEST days spent with my siblings so far this year :)

What was your favorite outfit look/clothing item of the summer? 

I've been literally living in my running shorts, or any shorts really. They're just so comfortable! And we all know I hate pants, so I recently cut all of my sweatpants/yoga pants into shorts. Yes, ALL OF THEM. My legs are finally freeeeeeeee!

What is one thing you wish you'd gotten to do this summer? 

Visit my play-sister like old times. I used to stay with her for a few weeks every summer when she lived in SoCal. She lives in Las Vegas now though, and I cannot handle that kind of heat! But I do miss her. I think the last time we hung out was... I don't know last fall? SEE! That's how bad it is. I can't even remember :(The good news is that she's moving back to SoCal soon! So maybe we'll get to hang out before the year is out after all!! Everything works out in the end :D

What was your favorite song of the summer? 

AHHHHHH 'favorites' questions are always so tough! Like, I know that no matter what I choose I'll always come up with 50million other great songs. My 'favorite' changes practically every week. But for right now...
Chocolate by The 1975 on Grooveshark

What was your favorite movie/tv show of the summer?

MAD MEN! I am completely obsessed! (okay so I just spelled 'obsessed' wrong and spell-check suggested the word 'possessed' and that word might actually be fitting too). I just started using Netflix in July and the first thing I went to go check out was MM. I always hear everyone ranting and raving about it. All I knew was that the wardrobe was wonderful and spot-on for the 60's which is the time period the series is set for. I'm halfway through season 3 and I can't. stop. watching. But other than that I have my usual PLL and Disney movies on rotation. Again, thanks to Netflix. If you have any Netflix recommendations let me know! I'm always looking for a new series/movie to swoon over!



Sunday Social

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August recap

Farewell August 2013
You've been good to me

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Thursday, August 29, 2013

5 tips to take you from "panic mode" to "I got this"

I'm the kind of person who cannot be in a place where there is confrontation. Arguments, anger, loud voices, people going back and forth at each other, I cannot handle. It's perfectly normal to be uncomfortable in these situations. But I don't think you guys understand, I CANNOT stand it. You ever see those shows/lifetime movies when the parents are fighting and there's usually some 5 year old who freaks out and bursts into tears? That would be me. On the outside I know how to keep my cool. Internally I'm screaming my head off. Unfortunately though, arguments are sometimes unavoidable and you can't always just excuse yourself to be alone and fall apart.

Sometimes it seems so hard to fight the urge to freak out! But I've always been hyper-sensitive to everything. Yall know what they say - big hearts break easy. I know I know get a grip. Sometimes you just gotta put on your big girl pants and get. over. it. But for those times when it isn't that easy, what do you do?

I'd like to share with you a few techniques that I picked up along the way

  1. If the argument does not involve you directly - like, you just happen to be the innocent bystander and things suddenly pop off- counting is my number one life saver. It sounds silly but it seriously works and here's why: If you count backwards from 100 (or even 200 if you're really upset) by 3 all the way back down to 0  (ex- 100, 97, 94...) your logical/rational/thinking side of your brain will take over completely. You will automatically be forced to concentrate and focus on what number comes next. There will be literally nowhere for sad thoughts to go except away! and you thought math would never come in handy...
  2. DO NOT under any circumstance play sad or negative music. You know better than that. All it does is perpetuate the negativity and make you feel worse. No matter how 'good' it may feel to have a song express your exact feelings at the moment, nothing good can come of this. Actually how about no sad music ever. Just don't do it. It's a trap.
  3. Disconnect if you must. Use this with caution. When things get really bad and there's no exit for me to sneak out of I go into LaLaLand. I completely tune everyone and everything out. 
  4. Remember that more than likely this situation has nothing to do with you. Sometimes things just happen. People reach their boiling points and you just happen to be there to witness it. You ever heard of people becoming so upset they see red? Well I've never been angry enough to see red, but I do know that in that moment you just don't care whose around or you simply forget someone is else is even there. It has nothing to do with you. You just got caught in the cross-fire, that's it and that's all.
  5. Sometimes it IS okay to cry it out! Take a moment, cry a river, but then go wash your face and come back when you're ready. 

You got this.

Take care

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Little miracles

My mom happily reported to me that my sister had gone to the hospital early that afternoon after having some contractions. It was finally time! I was thinking Yes! Today's the day I finally get to meet my niece! We jumped around in my mom's room for a few minutes just talking and getting even more excited. And then I remembered I had to babysit. I thought, aw man I'm gonna miss it. I told her she's just gonna have to wait because I will be babysitting Judah today and so do what you gotta do 'til I get there. Kidding but not really.

I went to my cousins house and boy was he hyper! Video games, action figures, pretending to be ninjas complete with pool noodle swords, running around until we dropped and back to video games. It was fun but very very tiring. Also, I don't know who 'Stephanie' is... but he seems to be pretty convinced that it's me and declared angrily that "I'm not his friend anymore" until I say my name the right way. But my name is Ebone... so I guess we can't be friends haha! He'll get over it.

About an hour after returning home we were headed to Kaiser. I made sure to eat something because who knew when we'd be back. So I was praying the whole night that it would be as quick and painless as possible. When we arrived we hung out in the lobby for a bit... well everyone else did. I did my usual exploring and walked around every hallway being nosy. I mean, who can resist? I know I'm not the only one who feels compelled to go everywhere there's a "do not enter" or "staff only" sign. Surprisingly hospitals don't freak me out anymore. I don't know if it's due to the general excitement of being there to witness a birth rather than visit the sick... Or because of all the hospital dramas on TV have left me desensitized. Either way I'm glad that fear is gone after all these years.
(me walking around in places I ain't got no business being in)

Fast-forward a few hours past all the anxious waiting and at about 9:30-9:45ish, it was time. Water had been broken and baby was sure to come any minute. Everyone (all 8 of us when there was really only 5 supposed to be allowed in the room) was standing, silence, I don't think anyone was even breathing, the head was seen. "Crowning" they called it. The doctor came in, nurses had to get us out of the way, and we coached her along with a bunch of, "PUSH!!!" and "C'mon c'mon!" And literally within 30 seconds from the first push was a wailing healthy baby girl! Fastest birth in the world! Oh yeah, God answers prayers.

We spent the next 3 1/2 hours or so swooning and fawning over the little miracle. And a miracle she was, 7 lbs 10 oz and hardly cried at all! Eyes wide open the entire time trying so hard already to check everyone out. I wish I could know what she was thinking in that pretty little head of hers. "Who are you? Where am I? Why is it so bright in here? Are you my mom? Are YOU my mom?"

Welcome to the world Danielle. The whole family waited 9 months for you. We love you so much already.

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tumblr Tuesday #3

*****TumblrTuesday is my weekly feature where I posts some of my favorite things I've come across on Tumblr over the week/weekend. 
Everything ranging from funny gifs, TV screencaps, inspiring quotes, Loveley pictures, or just downright ratchetry. But mostly ratchettry
All of these things you see in every TumblrTuesday post can be found on my actual tumblr HERE 
Disclaimer: photos and content is not my own unless otherwise noted*****

Special VMA's Edition!
To be completely honest with you, I didn't even watch the VMA's. I haven't watched television for more than 3 weeks (thanks to netflix) But Twitter and Tumblr pretty much told me all I needed to know.
Let's get into it!

 Pharell rolled up to the awards with wis sk8r crew LIKE A BOSS

 Everyone fangirling over 'NSYNC reuniting while Harry was eating an orange.
Also, Rihanna remained unamused all night

 Selena Gomez and Holland Roden were ultra-shmexy

This happened.

 Katy Perry's performance was lack-luster.

But costume choice was a perfect 10!

 Lady GaGa was a mermaid complete with a sea-shell top and stuck up for One Direction when they were booed.
Then she left in protest.
Miley left out of bitterness I'm assuming.

Macklamore was there and used his speech for gay rights...
While Taylor used hers to be tacky and call out her ex...

 OH and Bruno Mars is only 5'5"

My impression of what I missed? Some things cannot be unseen.

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

How to rock an interview! +WHAT TO WEAR, HAIR, AND MAKEUP

My first job was at an office. I was 18 with zero experience yet there I was at a green energy nonprofit, as an intern, with my very own office space! I was so proud of myself! Even more proud that as scared to bits as I was to go to the interview for that job, I walked in with my head up high and cruised right through it. Didn't even flinch. It was a group interview with myself and two guys a few years older than me with a lot of experience. I can go on and on about my first job experience some other time... One thing though is that after a promotion it was a part of my old job to take part in the interviewing process. So I've learned a lot about what interviewers look for. But today I wanna share some tips on how to conduct yourself and dress appropriately for an informal interview!

Before we get into the fun fashion stuff here's those tips I promised you. Just know that I am no expert nor am I a fashionista or even a Maxxinista (high-five for tj maxx though lol)  I've compiled a short list of tips to share with you that have always worked for me. Hopefully this can help you too!

Away we go! 

  1. First thing's first, even if you don't necessarily have total confidence (in your appearance, abilities, or just talking with a potential employer) Honey you better fake it til you make it!
  2. Eye contact, firm handshake, and good posture.
  3. Breathe + slow down. A lot of times we tend to either talk way to fast or ramble on and on out of nervousness. Just remember to pause, not too long. A second or two of 'reflection' after each question won't hurt.
  4. Also, no fidgeting! Keep your hands out of your hair! Just don't do it. It's a tell-tale sign that your totally uncomfortable.
  5. This one should be done long before interview day: research and familiarize yourself with the company. You never want your potential employer to think this is just some random job for you and you don't know (or care to know) anything about them. Even if that's the case- they shouldn't be able to tell! 
  6. For embarrassing/awkward questions you don't want to ask in person, call! But here's how to do it... call a different location. i.e. you want to know what the pay is like, call a different location, maybe even use a fake name, ask any employee willing to answer, no one will ever know!
  7. Have a few questions ready for your interviewer. Not only does this further showcase your genuine interest, but also that you personable. And I guarantee your interviewer will be impressed!
  8. Never say anything negative or feel the need to list all of your weaknesses. I'm not telling you to lie, just learn to play those things up as strengths.

Now for the main event! (and my favorite part!)

Here I put together four outfits: two dressed-down for casual interviews and two dressed-up for formal interviews.
  • Always always ALWAYS iron your clothes
  • Don't wear anything too busy, bright, or distracting
  • Accessories and jewelry are fine, but keep to a minimum
  • Have fun with it! Let your personality show through your clothes

  Shoes are just as important as the rest of your outfit.They can say, Hey! I'm creative! Or they can say I'm a laid-back kinda girl, or a classy professional girl. Or... you can have dirty scuffed up shoes that say idc what I look like, just gimmie a job.
  • Make sure they are clean and mark-free
  • Don't wear anything too uncomfortable or hard to stand in
  • Closed toe is always best
  • Higher is NOT better, 3-4 inches max

 Again, accessories are fine when kept to a minimum.

 Hair is best kept out of your face. If you have fringe that's fine. But beware of cowlicks!!!
Makeup should be fresh and clean. Unless you're applying to be a makeup artist... The rules change a little bit there.
For me, this hair+makeup is pretty much my go-to for the past two years!

I actually had my very own job interview this morning! After months of job hunting it really feels great to finally land one :) I'll be sure to let yall know when I hear back!!!

If there's anything that you'd like me to talk more about, or anything with interviews and such let me know! I'd be more than happy to do another interview or job-related post!


What are some of your interview tips and tricks? Please do share, I would love to know! 


I hope this was useful for you ;)

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