Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Odd but cute

Lately I've been having nightmares. I  know it's tied to all the goings' on with moving. Also I've been really nauseous which obviously kills my appetite. But I'll be fine, maybe I'll even be able to lose a few pounds. Either way I just need to get through this next month. It'll all work out. Nightmares are only nightmares. They're not real.

The other day my mom raved about one of her friends sons. These days the attempts others make at setting me up are laughable. I mean, what girl hasn't had their mother/sister/family friends etc. try and hook 'em up with an ~eligible suitor? It's normal and common and I know they're just lookin out for me. It's sweet. But really guys? GET THIS- what's-his-face is 30 years old. 30!! She wants me to someday meet this guy who's 10+ years my senior and yet she flies off the handle when I go out with a man of my choosing? Let's not forget the last couple of dates have been 8-14 years older. I guess she's okay with me dating older men so long as she gets to say who. Whatever mom. Anyway, I'm not looking to get into any kind of relationship or even courtship for that matter. I just wanna focus on getting my life together. Working my butt off to save money, learning new things, making new friendships and getting healthy is really all I want right now. Also boys have cooties and it's flu season so there you go.

I haven't talked to my friend in a couple of days. Sunday I think? And last night out of nowhere I got a goodnight text. I'm pretty sure I know what your thinking after what I JUST said about not trippin off boys... But we're just friends trust me. And don't you dare say "awww" this is not an awww moment! But it was very sweet. Odd, but cute.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Five things

  1. I've been channeling all of my negative energy into sewing. So far so good: countless Christmas gifts, 12 dresses and skirts, 2 fleece blankets. I'M ON A ROLL! This has been serving as a really great distraction from my urges as well. It's been cut down pretty significantly! At first I was a little disappointed in myself for buying first-aid supplies. But you know what, it's better to be safe than sorry. I've relapsed enough times to know that I need to be prepared. Especially with the troubling times ahead of me.
  2. I've been giving sewing lessons to my neighbor. She's 51 years old, has three kids, a husband, three dogs, loves cooking and is obsessed with The First 48. She found me taking pictures in the common area and I was like oh no I've been spotted! I already had an alibi in an effort to play off the fact that I was taking a million pictures of myself all the time. I was taking a photography class and the assignment was a self portrait, everyday for a month lol. A little ridiculous and unnecessary but it's worked in the past so whatever. This time though there was no need for a back story. She simply approached me and asked where I got my clothes from. That lead to a pretty cool conversation. She told me she was trying to get into sewing herself and it just so happened that she recently bought a sewing machine. We chatted for a bit and later that day I walked over to her house and gave my first sewing lesson! It felt really good to not only make nice with a fellow neighbor but also the fact that I actually taught someone something useful.
  3. After more than a year I bought some hair dye. While I was at it I decided it was time for a haircut as well. Please ignore my hot mess of a face, tired eyes and smudged eyeliner, it was a long day...
  4. I'm thinking of making things to sell again. But this time hardcore. I get asked all the time about my clothes and little accessories that I wear and people are pretty surprised to know that I make them myself. I've got the techniques down. And I've had plenty of practice. Plus I have so much doggone fabric in my stash!! I have tons of ideas and since my nieces have come into the world I've been experimenting with lots of baby-related things. I've got time on my hands and nothing to lose. I've sold things before I don't see why I couldn't do it again. And I could really use the money, so there's that.
  5.  We're moving this weekend. All 4 of us are moving downstairs while they redo the floors upstairs. Then we're going right back up. It's gonna be a little bit of a challenge I think to move the majority of our stuff downstairs all by ourselves only to go right back up in two or three weeks. But it's worth it. And it's a heck of a lot better than having to stay in a random motel and live out of suitcases until it's over.

Monday, January 27, 2014


I OFFICIALLY HATE PRINCESS SEAMS! I could not get them to lay right. They were crooked, too loose, too tight, uneven, just ugh. So I just settled for this and ended it. It's still a little loose but it's comfortable which is all the really matters to me in the end anyway. Also I changed the neckline in the front and the back just because. I love the skirt of it! Normally I go for a really full one because I like the twirl-factor but a long sort of a-line skirt is really nice for a change. The fabric still flows nicely when I move. Or when the wind blows (see first photo). I've seen other girls dresses with this pattern and they seem to all turn out really nicely. The princess seams are very flattering. Maybe I'm just doing it all wrong, oh well. Practice makes perfect!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Trying my hand with a Vogue pattern // Vogue


This dress was sooo problematic to the point of tears. It took me two whole days and a whole lotta will power to not rip it apart and just throw it out. This is the first time I've made anything with a vogue pattern and while the instructions were sort of easy to follow my execution was totally off. I must have redid the neckline 3 times. And taken apart the sleeves another 4! I don't know if it was the stripes, the gathers at the bust, or simply my own frustration that was turning this project into a nightmare. But that it was. However, I think it turned out alright. Maybe a 2 out of 5 stars. Not amazing but still wearable.

CLEARLY the neckline is uneven, you don't have to point it out lol. But I tried y'all. I really did. And I refuse to do it again. If I stand a certain way you won't notice it ;)

Anyway, this dress makes me feel like I'm late for a Mexican party for some reason. I realize hat rainbows have nothing to do with Mexican parties but whatever. Pass the salsa.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I've been quite a busy bee as of late. So far this month I've been: 
  1. Reconnected with a couple of old friends
  2. Giving sewing lessons to my neighbor
  3. Sewing like crazy in my free time
  4. Hunting for a second job

I know that's only 4 things, but those four things take A LOT of time and A LOT of energy! But this is good for me. Even though I'm really tired at the end of every day being busy is the best feeling ever! I love having a full schedule, something to wake up for, lists of things to get done, places to be... I love to feel useful. And I love making people happy! Which is exactly what I've been doing all month. Reconnecting makes me and my friends happy (win-win!). Sewing lessons help my neighbor feel great about herself and I get a sense of accomplishment from being a good teacher. Making things in my free time for friends and family (and a few thing for myself ) makes everybody happy! Looking for a second job makes me feel good because I know that I can handle the responsibility. I wanna be able to help out more with taking care of whatever finances at home and also that second paycheck will really help me with saving money. So everybody wins!!

Simplicity 4402 take four!

Second dress using the Simplicity 4402 pattern. I', really happy with the way it turned out! I only used it for the bodice, the skirt and sleeves I drafted separately. And this time I made a lapped zipper!! Unfortunately I failed to get a picture of it. But I seriously will never go back to exposed zippers! I swear it! They just don't look as professional. I only ever finished with exposed zippers because I didn't know how to do anything else, plus for some reason I liked the look of it. No more, though. From now on lapped zippers allllll the way baby.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

60's Paper Doll - my first vintage pattern!!

I bought a pattern on Etsy about a month ago. I was nervous to purchase it just because I'd never actually ordered a pattern before. I took my measurements then double and triple checked with the patterns measurements to make sure this wouldn't turn out to be a dress for a size 0. The pattern was originally printed in the 60s and it was designed for a junior/teen size 12. The seller had noted that the pattern pieces had been cut but verified that all were included. That was a relief. For some reason a lot of people who sell vintage or out of print patterns (or any patterns really) never seem to give enough information. Just "size 16, good condition" and that's it!!! What if there are pieces missing? What if it's damaged? How am I supposed to know what the exact measurements are? Ugh, it can be a pain searching for hours for the perfect pattern... but it's definitely worth it once you find one that works for you.

This one works so well for me and I think I'm obsessed. Wait never mind I AM obsessed! I've made 5 of these dresses so far and I can't get enough. It fits me like a doggone glove. As I've mentioned I had already checked the measurements but as with any pattern ever I had expected to still need to take it in or modify it along the way. But nope! I didn't have to do anything! The pattern pieces had already been cut out thanks to the previous owner (which I'm not complaining about. Makes it 300x's easier for me!). I'm not a huge fan of gathered skirts so I just made a circle skirt instead. I made this in mid-December and I've already worn it four times. It is such a fun little dress.

You'll be seeing plenty of dresses with this pattern in the near future :)

Sunday, January 12, 2014

A-line skirt obsession

So if you don't already know this, I have been completely obsessed with Ariana Grande since I started watching Victorious back in the day. Anyway I saw a picture floating around Pinterest of her in this adorable orange plaid a-line miniskirt. I think I saw it in November? Anyway I love  short skirts and short dresses so I was immediately drawn to it. I'm more of a full skirt kinda girl because they make me look a lot skinnier and they're just more flattering on me versus anything else but she looked so small and adorable in hers! And after Googling her like a maniac I gather we're roughly the same size. So if she can look nice in an a-line mini so can I.

I put it on my sewing list and amidst all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season I completely forgot about it. This morning I go on Pinterest, only for like five minutes of course, and it seemed like every other outfit pin incorporated a miniskirt. And most of them plaid!


Normally I'm not even into plaid! I can only think of a handful of things in my closet that are gingham/plaid: a dress, two shirts, and three skirts. But I guess the more I see it the more it grows on me.Whatevs, it's cute. PLUS there's a few bolts of plaid and gingham fabric on clearance at my job so that helps to make my decision. Sorry I don't have a picture of them but take my word for it- there are really pretty! Word association: Anyone else immediately think of picnics and Clueless when they hear 'plaid'? Looks like I'll be making some miniskirts soon!

Actually now that I'm looking at those last two sentences with my ring finger on the 'backspace' key that brings me to another thought... I would love to go on a picnic. Last one I can remember was 4th of July last summer. Before that I was a sophomore in high school! Y'all know I don't get out much....Does anybody else daydream about picnics? I mean the whole idea is so cute. And like the domesticated girl that I am my favorite part is the matching dish sets, preparing food and packing it up all pretty in gingham patterned baskets and blankets. Although it sounds good in theory I know that I'd get sick of hauling all that mess around. I'm totally cool with grabbing Mickey D's or any other fast food and sitting on a park bench and calling that a picnic.

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8 1/2 lessons I learned from boys

This guy was the definition of uninhibited. He was fun, outgoing, kind, and did whatever his heart desired. A really good guy with a good heart and a free spirit. I was in high school and in the phase of pretending to be whatever the 'cool' thing was just to fit in. I was losing myself and he (unknowingly) reminded me who I was. He taught me to have fun and live in the moment. When we hung out I would forget who was around. I didn't care who was looking and I allowed myself to just be. I was goofy and silly and always looking on the bright side! I remember feeling happier whenever he'd come around. I learned to surround myself with people who bring out the best in me. People who I can truly be myself with.

Oh boy, I had a crush on this guy since I was 14! I was really bashful then and it wasn't until years later that we actually went on a date. We'd both grown up a bit and even though all the feelings had come rushing back something wouldn't let him get close to me. I want to make it clear that we were never in love, but I did learn a valuable lesson from him. I learned that love means letting someone in. You can't sulk and complain about the lack of love in your life and yet be terrified of the notion of it and run like hell when presented with the opportunity. I'm still learning this lesson: As unlovable as you think you are people do actually love you and want to care for you. And unless you want to be alone for the rest of your life, at some point you have to let them.

He and I were very similar. It was almost as if learning about him I was simultaneously learning about myself. We were both two lonely kids who needed love and attention. So when we started catching feelings for each other we just went with it. He was probably the first boy I can remember who gave me any kind of affection and I was over the moon about him! This may confuse you but while we had some really good times hanging out I ended up cutting him out of my life. Partly because I felt like when I would talk to him I was looking in a mirror and I didn't like my reflection. This wasn't really much of a lesson as it was a reality check. Don't get me wrong, he's a great person! And I'm not just saying that, at one point when I really needed a friend he stuck by my side. I will always be grateful for that. But I didn't like who I was at the time. He showed me a side of myself that I didn't like and taught me that I needed to make a change.

"Just because someone desires you, does not mean that they value you.
Read it over.
Let those words resonate in your mind."

You set the standards for how you want to be treated. As a woman it is your job to set the boundaries. Things will only go as far (or as short) as you want them to. You don't owe any boy anything. Also, don't let someone sweet talk you to the point that you are compromising yourself. Some boys/men will tell you anything they think you wanna hear. They will butter you up to get what they want; money, control, sex, whatever. Don't fall for it. I'm not saying that you should turn your heart to stone but a little bit of skepticism is good for you. And never, I repeat NEVER ignore your intuition. I learned the hard way not to get sucked in by all the bells and whistles.

Older does not equal better. Some grown men are just little boys with facial hair and a mortgage.

  • Good guys are out there. 
  • It's okay to take things slow. I know it may feel that way, but this is not a competition. You don't need to rush anything. 
  • Don't let loneliness drive you into the arms of someone you know you don't belong with.
  • Also, stop throwing yourself at men who obviously don't care about you in a desperate attempt for reciprocation. It ain't gon happen. Stop being crazy. It's not cute.

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Princess Tiana look-a-like // Disney bounding


I bought a really cool Disney water bottle from target a few months ago. And I'm definitely going to toot my own horn here and say that I feel like she's my cartoon-twin. I mean c'mon- round face, black hair, brown eyes, brown skin... Yes? No?

I made a green dress out of a couple of remnants (solid ~1yd print ~2yds) and Simplicity 2444. I had a little extra time in the morning so I decided to become Princess Tiana.

I had never heard of 'Disney bounding' until last year. How did I not know about this?!! I was chillin on tumblr and came across THIS and immediately fell down the rabbit hole. Apparently you dress up as whichever character you fancy when your going to Disneyland/Disney World. I've only been to Disneyland once about 4 years ago. And I've NEVER heard of it. That is, until now. Even though I don't think I'll be going to Disneyland anytime soon I won't let that stop me. I mean, I've been playing dress up all these years anyway. Now I now that I'm not crazy. Haha! There's a TON of people who do the same thing all the time!

Disney fanatics UNITE!

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