Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Current DIY project

Anyone who truly knows me would know that I have always been obsessed fashion and lifestyles from way back when. *Think 40's-70's*  And while I mostly favor dresses over any article of clothing I have to say that I've been particularly obsessed with crop-top and skirt/shorts sets.

I made a full tea-length circle skirt some months ago and had a bunch of leftover fabric that I didn't know what to do with. So I made some bows... which of course didn't use up much fabric so I decided rather than waste it I'll just let it sit until I can find something to do with it all. Months went by and the sun came out making it feel just like summer! The idea came and hit me like a ton of bricks- I'll make a matching crop top! At the moment the skirt is just waaay too long for this weather so I'll have to hem it about 5-10 inches. Shouldn't take long, and I won't cut it so that when it gets cold again I can just take the hem out and voila! Perfect tea length circle skirt!

So that's it! There's my little preview. I won't spoil the whole thing, so I'll make it a separate post when everything is finished to show you the whole outfit! I'm so excited to get this project completed!

ALWAYS say never

 Well well well, what have we here? Today is my first time linking-up and I joined the lovely Neely from A Complete Waste of Makeup! Here's some things you'll probably never hear me say...
  1. I just love being out in the hot California sun
  2. Oh I'm definitely gonna pay full price for THIS
  3. Hmm, I think this has enough salt
  4. Let's go to the zoo!
  5. Let's go to the pool!
  6. Let's go to the mall!
  7. Chocolate? Nah, I think I'll pass...
  8. Another season of Housewives? / A new dating show? / A new Kardashian spinoff? Totes setting the DVR!
  9. I think I'll leave my camera at home
  10. I'll only be on the computer for a little while.
  11. Maybe I'll just wear sweatpants instead?
  12. *while getting ready* Gimmie just 20minutes and I'll be out the door I promise

Join the linkup! It's one day only and I'd love to hear what things you'd never say.
Click here to join in ---> A Complete Waste of Makeup

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Gratuitous photos

When I have nothing to do sometimes I like to hang out by myself on the kitchen floor. When I have nothing to do sometimes I take a bunch of unnecessary photos. When I have nothing to do I waste my time doing nothing. This is one of those times.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Nephew's 14!

This morning my mom and I headed out (kinda late- too late to attend church first :/ ) to a birthday breakfast at a crepe restaurant for my lil nephew D's 14th birthday! I still can't believe he's 14. He will ALWAYS be 8 in my eyes. Haha I'm sure he'd hate to hear that though.Ahhh, how time flies!

 Did I mention his voice has been changing?! Omg, right?
 Of course, he never smiles anymore in pictures. =/
I didn't add the pictures I took of everyone who was there. I don't think they'd appreciate me posting all of the candid photos. I'll just keep them in my scrapbook for my eyes only ;P

 Madre trying to be lookin too cool in her leopard vest. 

Aside from us and a couple of my cousins who were there went with my sister and nephew to go shopping at the outlets. That birthday money was burning a hole in his pockets. Boy do I know the feeling! I just wish someone would have made me realize that saving at least some if not half of all that birthday-money, Christmas-money, just-because-money all those years would eventually add up and be of really good use when I got to be older. Like, the age I am now. Or even just until senior year of high school. We all know that there's tons of expenses senior year with all the events, photos, yearbooks, dances, not to mention your social life. 

But even still, money is given to you on those occasions because you're supposed to spend it all up. That's what money is for! I just wish I had started saving when I was younger.

I found out that my aunt and cousin live really close to me! I vaguely remember my mom telling me that there were near us somewhere... But I think it's pretty cool. Now, that's about 4 relatives in my city. Lol if I ever need a place to runaway to I know exactly where to go! Plus, he's going to the same school I am! Idk if he'll be there in the summer like I plan to. But if we run into each other he can gimmie all his lunch money! Win-win!

Speaking of running away- my sister is going to Canada next Tuesday! Okay, okay, it's for her job. But I like to think of it as a mini-vacay. I can't remember how long she's gonna be gone. Maybe just a couple of days. But I get to stay at her place for the time she's gone which is kind of a mini-vacay for me too! But my mom's coming too, we have to watch the house and D. She's only coming because I don't have my license yet =( Otherwise she'd let me stay there and use her car to take D to-and-from school by myself. How bad does that suck, right? Oh well. I'll get it soon... maybe. And my own car too... maybe.

Got two new pairs of reading glasses! Had to settle with a lower magnification than I really wanted to get (2.5 rather than 3 or higher). But I'm just glad that I don't need glasses to see normally. I was really getting tired of holding my books/journals/anything that I'm trying to read or write literally 5 inches from my face to see it clearly.

All in all today was great. Full of laughs, as is every time I'm with my family.
Nothing greater in this world.

I hope YOU are having a great day- whoever you are.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The "Community Sweater"

(Okay clearly I have no idea what I'm doing. But I tried to make it somewhat of a ' rainy day outfit post.' Lol I tried.) 

I went to Target with my mother about a week ago to return a box of hair dye that I didn't like after testing out the color. (I'll give detail about that in a later post...) As we walked around the store I remembered a sweater that we saw when I came in the first time that we BOTH fell in love with. The only reason we hadn't bought it is because at $25, we were not gonna spend that much each on a sweater, no matter how comfy it was. My spidey-senses were tingling and I just knew it was gonna go on sale soon. We waited.

When we came back last week I had a feeling to go and check for it. Low and behold it was in the clearance section for $16!! Jackpot! They had one on my size but I didn't want my mom to have to buy one too. Soooo like the fantastic daughter that I am I bought the sweater in her size and told her we could share it. We realized though in the car that my older sister would probably love it an want to buy one too. Soooo like the fabulous sister that I am I said, "Why buy three sweaters when you can just share one?!"

And so my darlings, the community sweater was born.