Monday, February 25, 2013

Too much too soon!

So many things have been happening since the start of February.
And at the same time, not much of anything...

  • I made my first sale on Etsy :)
  • Completely cleaned out my closet along with my mothers and sisters closets.
  • Began spring cleaning (actually I 'spring clean' almost every other month, but I skipped December so February was overdue!)
  • Had no internet for about 10 days eeeek!
  • Having the bathroom remodeled. Turns out we have asbestos! YIKES!
  • MASSIVE grocery shopping with my mother - but we're about that frugal life so we're not broke. lol Thank the Lord for coupons!
  • Still on the hunt for a jay-oh-bee (job)
  • My sleep schedule is completely out of whack! Most days I'm asleep through daylight hours and wide awake at night. My new bedtime? 7 a.m. =/
  • I've been going coocoobananas with DIY projects! I need something to keep me sane with all that's been gong on in my personal life these past few months. My sewing machine has never gotten so much frequent use as it has the last 6 or so months. (Okay, so technically it's my mothers... but seeing as how she never uses it I have claimed it as my own MUAHAHA >;] )

Anyhoo, there's much more detail coming soon.

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