Thursday, March 21, 2013


 I tried taking pictures with my sister, but as usual she refuses. ONE DAY my darling, one day...
Just know that she's on my left lol

Earlier this week I attended church with my sister two, count 'em, TWO nights in a row! Which is extremely unusual for me. I've never been to a church service at night, much less twice in a row. And on a weeknight? Yeah, different but still nice. Although the guest speaker was a little more dramatic that I would have liked him to be...Nonetheless I took what I needed from the services.

Most of what was said throughout the first day was irrelevant to me. They were speaking on God being a father to the fatherless. For example, children and adults who are emotionally stunted and whose inner child is crying out for the 'father' or 'mother' role to be filled. Some fill that hole with sex, drugs, or even other people. But God is there waiting to fill that hole in your heart if you just lift your head up and allow him to.
I don't have that problem, but I can relate because most of the people in my family and a bunch of people I went to high school with don't have both parents in their lives. I feel for them. I feel for the dozens of people in the church that night balling their eyes out whenever something was said that spoke to their situations.

I swear that Monday night service was just for me, though. The Lord was speaking through the prophet straight into my heart. Have you ever heard or seen something that instantly hits a nerve?

"How long will you continue to walk on both sides of the line?"
"Your own doubt is blocking your blessing."

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