Thursday, October 2, 2014

List of current things

Making: a mess of my room. It’s in full craft/sewing room mode and there is stuff EVERYWHERE!
Cooking:  banana bread
Drinking: h20
Reading:  Attachments By Rainbow Rowell and I can’t seem to get very far. It’s not really catching my interest.
Wanting: $$$$$
Looking:  Forward to Christmas
Playing: The Civil Wars
Wasting: Time
Sewing:  Dress #2 for Motricia. Today I plan on finishing dress #1 (finally)
Wishing:  I was done with costumes…
Enjoying:  The new episodes of my favorite sitcoms. I’m so so so glad that the fall seasons are back on!!
Waiting: for cold weather. This back and forth 90-75 degree weather is NOT ideal.
Liking:  you
Wondering:  When I’ll get more hours at work.
Loving:  things that glow in the dark
Hoping: To visit my brother and sister in Idaho before December
Marveling: at the humanity and compassion of complete strangers
Needing:  more hours at work
Smelling:  B&BW salted caramel candles
Wearing:  onsie pj’s
Following:  more like stalking Ariana Grande
Noticing:  that I might be a little too obsessed with Ariana Grande
Knowing: that I’m actually completely obsessed with Ariana Grande
Thinking:  About the possibility of going back to school next year.
Feeling: Incompetent.

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