Friday, April 24, 2015

Long time no blog

I'm the worst blogger ever lol. It's been what, 3 months now? Silly me I changed my password without writing it down thinking I could memorize it and failed miserably. So very much has gone on in these last few months that it would take me days to recap. But in a short summary the highlights were:

• Meeting my instagram friend Jenny from IRL
• Opening my own etsy shop: eboneandivory
• Doing my taxes for the first time
• Job hunting for a second job
• Starting AND finishing 4 TV series
• Going back and forth to the hospital ER
• Experiencing double dating
• Celebrating 6 months with my amazing boyfriend
• Mr. Boyfriend's debut album release
• Flirted with the ideas of wholesale
• Making mountains of clothes for family members
• Landed another costuming gig for a local community theater group
• Deepening my relationship with Mr. Boyfriend
• Ending relationships with toxic friends
• Obtaining my driving permit

Now that we're all up to speed- let's continue with our regularly scheduled programming.

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