Friday, November 22, 2013

Feeling very Nancy Drew - OOTD

Did Nancy Drew even wear dresses? Lol I wound up changing my hair right before leaving the house.
Dress (belt included) and shirt: Forever 21
Tights: Target

So due to the rain (which was much needed) on Wednesday my grandparents bathroom ceiling caved in (not needed) How awful right? My dad has been going back and forth doing his best to help and repair the damage and fix the ceiling. We only have one car so my grandpa is letting him borrow his lil old Cadillac. WHICH MEANS I don't have to walk to work!!! I mean I love getting my daily exercise and all that but girrrrl number 1) it's cold and 2) it's WET! I ain't about that life. I am super grateful that we can borrow his car even if it's only for a few days. Love you Grandpapa!

Didn't have to go in to work Thurs. until the afternoon so to kill time I fired up my new B&BW candle (salty caramel - YUM!), ate some waffles, and sang a bunch of songs all morning. Recorded myself just for the heck of it lol it's been quite a while since I've made a YouTube video.

Around 1pm my dad came back and told me about the 50% sale at my absolute favorite thrift store! 50% off the ENTIRE STORE! He knew I would have a fit as soon as I heard the news (which I did) so he didn't even stop to close the front door or put his keys down. We drove right over and I made a B-line for what I call the VIP section of the store. We basically rushed the entire time we were there because by the time we'd arrived I had about 45 minutes until I had to clock in. Got some great dresses and a couple of shirts for around $17! There was a gorgeous powder blue trench coat that I'm kicking myself for not getting. It was on sale for only $12. I KNOW I KNOW! $12 is practically a steal!! BUT YOU GUISE I was under so much pressure and I just left without it. I'm hoping and praying that it's still there when I come back next week. I got my dad a jacket though. Funny enough he went back after dropping me off at work and bought himself some sneakers and another coat. It was so funny because he never and I mean NEVER buys himself clothes let alone shoes! But he was in need of some new stuff so it's all good. I'm glad he found some things he really liked.

Work was cool, not as tiring. But one of my coworkers is leaving on Saturday :( She's moving on to greener pastures. And I'll really miss her! But I found out that she like chocolate cake with chocolate frosting (my kinda girl) so I'm gonna bring her some along with a card signed by errybody just to show her some love on her last day. Except I'm not working that day, I actually have a family party to go to that night. So maybe I'll do it tomorrow instead? Idk... I go in tomorrow morning so I'll decide tomorrow.

When I came home it was just me and mommykins for a few hours. I lit up my candle for round two and she was soups jealous that I didn't get her one. But I told her that because the candles I buy are for the whole house. Lol she's so stingy!!! If I had gotten her one I know that she'd keep it in HER room and close her door so nobody else could get any of the yummy goodness! So my candles will stay right here in the living room.

Also I got a letter from my pen pal today! Too cute!

I don't care what kind of day I'm having. A sweet note in the mail always makes me feel better.

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  1. I love it!! I wish I could wear outfits like this to work. That'd be awesome..but nooo. Super cute!