Sunday, November 24, 2013

I went to Target and binged on stationary

  • 2 roles of glitter tape
  • 4 packs of notebooks with matching notepads
  • 2 notepads with matching clipboards
  • 3 packs of sticky notes
  • Mechanical pencils
  • Pens
  • 1 set of zipper pouches
  • 5 packs of lables and stickers
  • 1 pack of assorted buttons
  • 3 packs of greeting cards with matching envelopes

pls send help

Everything costs between $1 and $3! I always go straight to the dollar bins near the front entrance of Target before I do anything. So when I saw these earlier last week I 'bout lost my mind. I couldn't control myself. Whoever is on the design team behind these babies deserve an award!!! Everything is so pretty and cool.Matches my style so well. Very mis-matchy but still cohesive and girly.  

Target did that!!!

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  1. Ooh, what a great haul! I always love Target's designs. They're very cute :)

    Hope you had a nice weekend!


  2. I love target!! It makes me want to go today. Do you have the Cartwheel app? If not you should check it out. Happy Monday!

    1. Never hear of the Cartwheel app... but then again I don't have a smart phone. Womp womp womp. But I bet it's convenient!!! LOL