Tuesday, April 1, 2014

All jokes aside...


Got home from work a couple of hours ago. My sister brought me home.
We talked for a bit in the car. Well, I rambled and she listened. Still counts right? In any case, it was nice.

I talked to Dad before I left for work today. (I hate public transportation. I was 8 minutes late AGAIN!) We talked mostly about my sister.
I'm worried about her.

Mom thought she'd had a heart attack last week. Apparently it was Gerd? Doctors say it mimics a heart attack.
She's doing fine. Just taking it easy. For now...

My manager is so wonderful. Today she asked me if I was happy. Such a simple question, but her sincerity meant the world to me. I've been having a hard time recently and despite my happy-go-lucky persona at work she's seemed to somehow pick up on that. Which further proves the fact that she genuinely cares about us not only as employees but as people. I love all of my supervisors and coworkers I really do. But I wanna do something especially nice for her. Because having a great boss makes a world of difference no matter what your job is.

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