Friday, April 25, 2014

Quarantined & Miserable

I was sick on Easter, well technically I was sick since Saturday. Needless to say that I miss out on so much this past week. A whole week of being sick! My sisters came over for Sunday dinner. I had already made the decision not to attend. I was actually gonna hang out with my dad, maybe have bible study, watch a movie or something. Instead I was quarantined to my room. Literally every time that I get sick it goes from 0 to 60 in no time flat. Saturday it was a sore throat. Just a little scratchy. Then BOOM aches all over, stuffy nose, the works. Kind of bummed because I had an outfit all planned WITH ears and whiskers mind you! More importantly on Friday morning I babysat my neighbors daughter. So I'm hoping that I didn't get her sick in addition to my coworkers. Speaking of his daughter, she's adorable! And so much fun! While we hung out I finally watched Frozen! I am now officially part of the cult ha ha! (wow look at all these exclamation points!)

I took some medicine and on Monday I was feeling okay. Tuesday I misjudged my 'progress' and stupidly went to work (fingers crossed I haven't gotten anybody sick). If anybody asked I'd tell 'em I just had allergies (lies) so they wouldn't send me home. I literally cannot afford to miss work. Of course I came home that night completely drained. Wednesday came and it was like my body was punishing me for overexerting it the day before. That's what I get I suppose... Called in sick yesterday and got some much needed rest today and last night. While we all know being sick is the worst the last day or so of sickness is the worst of the worst. It's like it won't go down without a fight. Thursday was my most miserable day of them all. I could barely walk myself out of my bedroom without feeling like I was gonna pass out. Back aches, dizziness, loss of appetite, chills, coughing, I mean look at me! I sound like the commercials for prescription medicine in the last 8 seconds when they run through all the side effects!

It used to be that I would curl up in bed and watch a million old movies, drink juice and waste time on the interwebz all day when I was sick. This time I stayed mostly in my room like a good little girl. Occasionally I'd try and make myself get up and walk around the house to get the blood going and avoid stiffness. Or I'd walk out onto the front porch to get some fresh clean air after being in my stuffy room for 9+ hours. My parents were so sweet the whole time. Almost to the point of being annoying with the amount of check-in's. There are only certain times when 'babying' me is approved. This was one of them. My sister pretty much kept her distance from me but I don't blame her. She can't really miss work either, plus who the heck wants to get sick?! Every now and then she'd ask how I was doing though, so that still counts.

It rained like crazy today. If I wasn't still coming down from this fever I would have opened my window like I usually do when it rains. But I just settled for opening the blinds. I feel really good today. Like 90%. Calculations indicate that I will be operating at 100% come tomorrow morning. Also, I already agreed to come into work for the afternoon shift. All in good faith. However I will be taking my medicine and cough drops in my bag with me! Not taking any more chances.

Also- the medicine pictured above may 'look' orange but it tastes like battery acid.

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