Saturday, March 29, 2014

One mans trash...

Walked into my room earlier this week and what was waiting for me? A box and a bag full of clothes and shoes! This must be my lucky day!


 Every now and then, my mom and my sister go through their wardrobe. Whatever they don't want goes to me, and whatever I don't want or can't use goes straight to charity. Normally I give about half of everything to charity. Including a bunch of clothes and shoes from my own wardrobe. Somewhere towards the end of the month when everything is sorted and we're absolutely 100% SURE of what we're giving away we'll take all the bags/boxes down to one of the local shops. Everybody wins!

Categorizing makes everything easier. Here's the system I use:
KEEP- goes without saying, things you'll definitely keep.
MEND/ALTER- clothes that really classify as a 'maybe.' Keep only on the condition that you mend them (hole in your jeans. replace buttons.) or alter them (refashion/upcycle) 
GIVE AWAY- if you have a friend or family member in mind you think would enjoy or could really use some of the things you were considering getting rid of.
CHARITY- off they go to find a new home!


  1. I'm the opposite. My mom always goes through my Goodwill bags and picks stuff out.

    1. LOL! Hide 'em where she can't find them, like they used to do around Christmas time with kids presents!

  2. I'm jealous! I'm the only girl on both sides if my family, haha.

    1. On BOTH sides?! How unusual! Well I guess that could have it's pros and cons though right?