Monday, May 5, 2014

8 hours a babysitter

Sunday was day two of babysitting, this time it was just the girls. I hadn't intended on babysitting again after the crazy day previously. Actually I hadn't intended to do much of anything. But I was more than happy to do so. As usual we started with breakfast and a movie (have you seen 'The Tooth Fairy' with 'The Rock'? It's pretty good!). I found an origami kit in the back of my closet and let them get creative. They made little fishes and drew me a sweet picture of ladybugs. We got out some old school board games and played hungry hungry hippo. Only now it's called farmville or farmhouse or something like that. Same concept, same everything, but instead of hippos it's random farm animals. But I still couldn't believe kids still played that game! I wonder what other games are being recycled for this new generation...

In the afternoon I got them dressed and they helped to pack up the car with all their toys so we could return once again to the park. We stayed for nearly 3 hours! I was thinking dang, aren't they tired yet?! NOPE. They made more friends and I got another workout. I even got to chat with a couple of parents! That was pretty nice, being able to talk to another adult after seeing no one but kids for two days.

When lunch time rolled around O and M were jumping for joy when I rewarded them for being so good with McDonald's. We ate and ate. They talked and talked. Once we finished their dad met us there, chatted for a bit, and went our separate ways. Everybody had a great time. I'm feeling pretty good about my babysitter skills!

Now it's time for clean up...

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