Friday, May 9, 2014

Goodies in the mail! (Books & Patterns)

I'd almost forgotten about the books I ordered a couple weeks ago from Amazon. I finished Shatter Me (the first book the the series) almost a month and a half ago. I'm halfway through Destroy me and I'm so juiced to read Unravel me. But a huge part of me just wants to get through Unravel me so I can read Fracture Me. I know that sounds confusing but lemme explain...Unite Me is a two-part novella. Basically it's the bridge or the in-between books. Shatter me= book 1. Destroy Me= 1.5. Unravel Me= book 2. Fracture Me= 2.5. Ignite Me= book 3. Make sense? It's kinda like how Disney had The Lion King 1 & 2 and then came up with Lion King 1.5 from Timon and Pumbaa's POV. ANYWAY I'm really excited about 'em.

The patterns pretty much speak for themselves. Aren't they great?! Ovbi the first three and the last one are vintage (shout out to Etsy!) from the 50's-60's. Can we take a minute to appreciate the handwritten card? There's definitely something to be said about someone who takes the time to write a thank you. That's true customer service. The middle two I actually bought myself from the fabric store on sale. Burda almost never goes on sale around here so I was happy to find it for only $2.50! And if you follow me on pinterest you know that I have a whole board dedicated to aprons. I don't cook very often but I love to bake from time to time. I already have one apron but I saw this one that included a heart theme and I couldn't resist. Plus there's two of each- mommy and me style! How could I possibly say no?? I know for sure that I won't get any done in time for Mother's Day (this Sunday! Eeep!). But I know that my sister, aunt, and cousin asked me for some way back in July oops. So this can be a super late Mother's day gift.What do y'all got going on for Mother's Day this weekend?

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