Friday, May 9, 2014

McCall's M6923

Ta da! McCall's M6923! I'll be honest, I couldn't get the sleeves to fit right so I swapped them out for flutter sleeves. And the slim skirt looked awkward so I swapped that out for a full circle skirt. SO really the only thing true to the pattern is the bodice. That and the fact that I used a floral print with a floral lace overlay.

Super easy pattern to follow, surprisingly I didn't have to do any bust adjustments or anything. However it is because of the fit that I would only recommend this pattern for small chested ladies. The only thing I'm kind of on the fence about id the length of the bodice. It's actually a few inches higher than my natural waist but not quite empire. It's right on my ribcage which is why I went with a circle skirt instead. Also it balances out the sleeves. The slim skirt makes me look... idk bulky? Boyish? That's probably not the right word but I just don't like it. All in all it's a good pattern. I'll experiment with it some more. Definitely looking forward to making the little romper! I wonder if I can find a polka dot/gingham fabric with fruit on it...

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