Thursday, May 1, 2014

Scooter Shorts! Simplicity 8698

Thank God for Etsy! I've been going a little crazy over patterns lately. And I finally came across some vintage skirt patterns about a week ago. Naturally I snatched 'em all up! This first one I tried out has mini skirts about 15" long. Skorts, scooters, culottes, whatever you wanna call them. I like the name scooter, so cute!

I made view #2- it's basically a pair of shorts with one pleat on each leg with a front panel. 15" is much too short for me to wear to work so as usual I lengthened the pattern by 3". All it took was 1 yard! This time I'm using a medium weight stretch denim. Now, because the pattern is vintage they tend not to use linings. Facings are the name of the game. So that little section in the top right corner is perfect! All I need is my main fabric and a zipper.

As you can see there is one faux pleat on the back of each leg, one faux pleat on each front leg, and the panel in the center front acts as the center pleats. I've sewn about a third of the way down on the outer-most pleats and an inch higher on the center panel just to give it a nice effect. I don't have buttons picked out yet but I'm still deciding whether or not to go with them. What do you think? Overkill?

Here's the skirt so far right now! I'll hopefully have it finished up by the weekend.

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