Friday, January 16, 2015


Ello Ello Ello! 
So it's still flu season and I now have cooties. COOTIES PEOPLE!!! This sucks! Jesse was sick not long ago (his birthday week the poor thing!) And I thought I had dodged it. Alas, I have failed. I wouldn't blame it completely on him though. In the last month 3 different people have called in sick! One girl was out for a whole week!! My nose is stopped up on one side, runny on the other, I'm achy and tired, I sneeze every 12 minutes, I'm just plain sick. But at least it's only a head cold yknow?

Unfortunately I'm to scheduled to work a lot this weekend and I cannot afford to miss any hours. Whoever you are reading this I hope that you are not working a job where you depend so heavily on an itty bitty paycheck. It's not fun to have to work through 5-6 discomfort because that's the difference between eating and not eating. My diet as of late has consisted entirely of pb&j, mac & cheese, banana bread, candy, and pizza. I still can't understand how I made it to 21 eating garbage all day everyday. I may be thin but I'm likely the most unhealthy person in California. No wonder I'm sick...

At the moment it is 1239AM and although I don't have to clock in until 330PM I'm going to call it a night. OH! P.S. before I forget- I recently learned that I could use the blogger app on my phone (look at me getting all hip~) I'm going to try and blog something everyday that I can. I forgot about it yesterday because I'm a lil rusty! I can't promise to blog EVERY day but I will promise to blog as often as I can.

G'night everyone! Sweet dreams ♡

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