Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I like you

My boyfriend checked up on me yesterday morning (as he has been everyday since I started feeling sick bless his heart). During our conversation he asked if I was staying home, which struck me as a really weird question because he knew it was my day off from work. I just ignored it as a casual question and went about my morning.  I should've seen it coming though...

Our landlord was scheduled to pop in sometime between 7am and 3pm (wide gap, I know) so when the doorbell rang around 145pm I thought it would be him so I didn't even budge. I was mindlessly messing around on my phone feeling really sad because I had planned on spending the day with Jesse and there I was lookin a frizzy sleepy mess and feeling like garbage. Needless to say I let my mom answer the door. Suddenly I heard a knock on my door. Can you guess who it was?

If you said Jesse- you're correct!!! My favorite person had come to suprise me with flowers in hand! I was completely caught off guard and yet so excited but also very very self conscious of the fact that I was a complete mess.

Now I know it's silly, I know. But I've gotten so used to dressing up for him and even though he says he doesn't mind my disheveled train wreck look (I'm exaggerating. He'd never call me a train wreck but you get the point) I just felt a little (a lot) uncomfortable/gross. Yet and still he assured me that it doesn't matter what I looked like. Bless him.

We just sat in my room talking and looking into space. I was staring at him trying not to giggle for the majority of his visit. I don't care if this makes me sound like a 12 year old- I get butterflies and warm fuzzy feelings whenever he's around! He's so sweet and kind and cute and thoughtful and chivalrous and cute and huggable and CUTE! 

When it came time for him so leave I didn't want him to go! We hugged for a while (by that I mean a good 5-10 minutes) and I would not let go. He ended up literally carrying me to the front door with my arms and legs wrapped around him! I was sad when I watched him drive away. 

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