Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sleep deprivation

Currently I am in the break room at work on my lunch break and though this leftover shrimp pasta is wonderful I am still feeling very much inspired to cry and break things.

I haven't been able to get must rest in the last few weeks- tossing and turning, insomnia,  early mornings... and last night was no exception.  I couldn't fall asleep until sometime between 6-630am and I was rudely awakened by my alarm at 10am so that I could be on time to work at 11am. 

I'm halfway through my shift (I'm closing tonight) and it has been SUCH a difficult day! I have zero patience but I make it a point to never be rude to customers.  Like the good employee that I am I continue to give 110% to my customers and my coworkers. (But on the inside I'm screaming at all of you)

On a positive note, I refreshed my hair color last night and talked to my boo for 3 hours :)

I can hardly wait to clock out. I'm literally falling asleep.  Plus I'm still feeling stuffy+sneezy.  (Drowsiness? ) so this is just not a very good day to mess with me. But like I said I'm halfway there. Trying to keep my optimism up!

If I don't check back in again tonight I'll talk to yall tomorrow! 

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