Thursday, May 23, 2013

Pink cat ears ^____^

Say what you want about T-Swift's 22 song/video
I happen to be obsessed with it.

And being the broke girl that I am, I refuse to pay $15-$20 for metal kitten headbands. No matter HOW cute they are. Plus, there's never any colored ones! So naturally I made my own. I found an old Easter headband that had pink petals all across the top so that you'd look like a little flower. (sorry no pictures...) I cut a couple of 'em off and put little clips on the bottom and voila!
And yes, I do actually wear these babies outside :)

Just Because 



  1. visiting from the just because link up and had to comment! I randomly found a metal cat ear headband at forever 21 a few weeks ago and had to buy it! my first thought was "oh let me take a quick selfie picture for instagram bc these are so quirky" and ten minutes later I was still walking around making up good reasons why I needed to buy them! haha :)

    1. Hey Sarah, nice to meet cha :)

      You shouldn't have told me that... Now I'm OBLIGATED to hop over to F21!!
      Did you get them?

  2. Haha love this post! I agree - why should you pay so high for something that should not cost that much!
    Just stopping by from the Just Because blog hop. Your newest GFC and bloglovin follower :)