Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Random Wedesday!

So if you're participating in the Blog Every Day in May challenge, like so many of us, you'll find it hard to blog literally every day! Just me? Oh okay. 
 I was doing a pretty good job at the start of the month... until my internet went out for almost 2 weeks :( But I'm back with a vengeance! lol Not really, but I'm back into the swing of blogging!!

 If you know me you know I HATE wearing pants. Don't ask why... So I took a pair that I found while scourging through the thrift store a while ago and made it into a skirt. The waistband is elastic but it's loose enough that it sits comfortably on my hips but tight enough that they don't fall off! I don't know what to call the print. Nautical? Tribal? Whatever it is I like it, not bad for $3.
I finally got around to sending off my pen pal letters! At first, I couldn't find any stamps. Which was crazy because it seems like there's always a book of stamps lying around my house somewhere! Good grief, whenever I need something it's nowhere to be found. When I don't need it, it's all I see! Oh life, you and your irony. After I went out and bought stamps I caught the post-man as he was coming to drop off mail. I handed them all off to him with a huge smile on my face! Lol I'm sure he thought I was a little loopy but whatever. Who wouldn't be excited to write to their pen pals?! Not you? Well, you don't deserve a pen pal.

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  1. I think those are hideous pants but awesome as a skirt haha :p And I know what you mean, I always forget to send out snail mail even though I really really like it!

    1. LOL! I dared not wear them ANYWHERE until I changed them to a skirt.