Monday, June 17, 2013


So when I don’t necessarily know how to explain something I’m struggling to understand I use one of the many easily accessible resources I have- teh interwebz. I love to research ‘old language’ words from time to time to further my studies of the Word, one of the many things I got from my dad ;) 

Right now I’m focusing on understanding doubt.
Doubt is a big deal. And a fatal one at that. There are a million and one things I can think of on this subject but one I want to share is doubt in God’s promises and abilities.

I encourage you to visit the site to read the full article HERE

It’s pretty eye-opening. Of course, I always say take everything with a grain of salt. Because let’s be real; it is the internet guys. Here’s a couple definitions that stuck out to me.


Strong’s definition: 1. Lacking confidence in the performer, unfaithfulness, faithless. 2. Want of faith, unbelief. 3. Weakness of faith. Description: Doubting God’s willingness or ability to alter the circumstances one is in.


Strong’s definition: 1. Doubt/waver. Description: Intellectually reconsidering whether or not something one is believing for can or will occur. Skepticism.

Apistea. He now starts to doubt God’s ability to fulfill His word. His cure is to repent from worrying and direct His trust in God to do what He has said. If he doesn’t do this and continues to worry without putting down that concern, he slips into...
Distazo. He now becomes skeptical and may conclude if it was going to happen, it probably couldn’t happen now, so he may cease to believe as he considers the logic of the situation (as happened with Peter walking on the water). If he doesn’t stick in faith with what he has decided God has shown him, his doubt matures into...
Apeithei. He now consciously disbelieves in God’s promise and may even talk against it! In other words, his "faith" is now in the opposite to what he started out believing for originally! The only cure is full repentance and returning to a position of believing what God has said despite the circumstances he is in.


  1. What a great post! I love learning about language too.

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