Friday, June 14, 2013

Summer Lovin' Snail Mail Swap!!

The actual factual reveal day went live on the lovely Kelly's blog The NO Drama Mama on Monday. Can you guess who my partner was? None other than Kelly herself! Lol how cool is that, right?! As usual, I'm late to the party. BUT ALAS FAIR MAIDENS- I have the sacred package in my possession! And it has definitely exceeded my expectations! So grateful for the experience, thank you so much Kelly <3
Can we just take a moment to appreciate her wrapping skillz? And just look at the cute notes she attatched!

the sandals fit to a T! Gracias!
 I laughed out loud on that one :D

 And I don't know how in the world you knew, or maybe you're psychic, but I broke my favorite sunglasses a few weeks ago and I was so sad! (don't ask why I kept them, I think I have a hoarding problem. eeek!) But these adorable polka dotted ones are like a carbon copy!! And they happen to be sturdier (is that a word?) than my old pair too.

Holy moly, I couldn't be more appreciative. And I can't say thanks enough Miss Kelly! This lil box has put such a smile on my face and really made my day week month SUMMER!

 Just goes to show, you never know what something small can do for a person.


  1. Oh, how cute! You're all set for summer now :)


  2. Oh girl , the stuff is envy-able .SOO adorbs ;)
    Noor's Place