Thursday, February 13, 2014

Everyone's mad here, darling. // Useless facts about myself #1

We all do weird things every now and then, am I right?
When I have my hair in a ponytail I swing it around extra hard.  I love feeling it bounce around! For some reason I just feel really really girly with a ponytail and I want everyone on Earth to know it! When my hair is down I can't stop touching it and running my hands through it. It's funny though because pretty much all the females on my moms side of the family is the same way. We all run our fingers through our hair all the time. Most of the time we don't even know we're doing it until someone says something. And it's like a yawn, it's contagious! If I see my mom running her fingers through her hair suddenly I feel myself going *gasp! my hair!* and proceed to stroke my hair for the next 3 hours. But I mean it's so soft!! How can I not touch it?

I almost always paint my nails two different colors.  Like my left hand is always dark colors and my right is always the lighter hand. I have NO idea when I started doing this. But I'm so indecisive and can't commit to just one nail polish haha!

I daydream a lot.  But that's not the weird thing. While daydreaming I can't respond at all. I'll be staring off into the abyss with my eyes wide open. I can hear you... but I feel like I can't actually move. It's like I'm paralyzed.

It has been brought to my attention that my lip twitches when I'm nervous and/or excited.

Speaking of nervousness, when I sing in front of people I have stage fright.  But that's totally normal. However I am really withdrawn. Like to the point that I come off as bored and uninterested. Like I'd rather be watching paint dry. Which makes no sense because on the inside I'm ecstatic! I guess I don't really know how to translate that excitement. Oh well...

Never ever in my life will I take a pill for something. I can't swallow them! I feel like I'm choking and then my throat closes and I can't breathe and I freak out and I start crying and asdlhkffghjkll It's just a mess. And if that isn't the worst part I almost always have nightmares the same day about pills.

While I'm in the car I pretend I'm in a music video. Of course I'm usually facing the window and always get caught by other drivers. When that happens though I laugh it off and roll down the window and sing to them anyway! Most of the time they laugh and keep it movin. You have to be able to laugh at yourself right?

I eat ice cream with a fork.  Actually I eat almost everything with a fork except soup.

Speaking of food, I can't eat mac & cheese WITHOUT mixing it with peas. They are both terrible on their own.

Whenever I cut my bangs/fringe the decision is usually made due to the fact that my eyebrows have grown out and I'm too lazy to get 'em done again. I know, it's a lot more effort to give yourself a haircut than to sit in a chair for 15 minutes and have someone thread your eyebrows. But yo girl ain't trying to pay $8 every month for that. And I've had too many trials and errors to do them myself. And I've got the pictures to prove it. I'd be lookin like Janelle from Teen Mom 2 out here. Uh-uh, bangs it is!

At home and at work I say Hi! literally 500 times a day.... to everyone over and over. Every time I walk past you or come into the same room with you I have to say it. I don't know when or why this started either. Oh but I just saw you 5 minutes ago? Doesn't matter.  And now I feel odd if I don't say Hi or Hello or some kind of greeting every time I see a human being I'll go crazy.

I save the receipts of everything. EVERYTHING. It started out a few years ago just to keep track of my spending throughout the year. That way I could plan a practical budget for myself. And then it was for taxes. And now it's just because I'm turning into a hoarding freak. But at least I organize them!!

I use music as a measurement of time. Like oh, from point A to point B is about 5 songs. Maybe that sounds weird to you but it's pretty legit if you think about it. Most songs are between 3 and 5 minutes long. If a car ride is about 45 minutes long that's 45/5=9! So 9 songs maybe 10 MAX that you'll have to sit through! I keep track of how many songs have passed along the way to know whether or not we're almost there. Hahaha it's sounds a little bananas but it works for me.

When I put something in the microwave I scramble to get as much done as possible before it gets down to zero. Literally I'm sprinting. I'll put stuff away, comb my hair, paint a portrait, WHAT EVER. I don't even know where the sudden list of things to do comes from! Once that start button has been pressed, I FEEL PRESSED! But it all has to be done in time for the food to be ready. And I can never have it actually hit zero. One of my pet peeves is that high pitch beeping. Ugh! I cannot.

I still play dress up with tiaras and all the fixins! It's even more fun now that I'm older because I don't have to resort to tying bedsheets around myself to resemble a dress or using cheap polyester costumes that were too small for me from previous Halloweens. I can use real clothes and level up with hair and makeup to match! In the privacy of my own home of course. Unfortunately it's still not socially acceptable for a grown woman to go out like that unless that is you're on your way to a cosplay convention or something. Hmmm, maybe I just found a new hobby ;) I don't care what y'all say, pretending is fun and I'm grown so I can do whatever I want.

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