Friday, February 28, 2014

My shows are back!

 I don't watch tv on an actual television. Not because I don't have one, I prefer to wait until the end of the week so I can binge watch them all in one day with only 30-60 second commercial breaks. Now before you say anything, yes I do have a DVR. As a matter of fact we actually have that DirecTv 'genie' thing that allows you to watch and record 5 shows at once! However I live with my family and my mom and sister almost always have all five going on some talk show or reality show that I couldn't care less about. So around August/September I signed up for Hulu and Netflix so that I can watch whatever I want whenever I want. Every show has a break between seasons and most have a mid-season break. This used to drive me bananas because I typically don't enjoy reruns of anything. Unless I absolutely love it I can't watch anything more than once. But this post is not about praising Hulu and Netflix. It's about... Well actually idk what it's about.

Some of my shows are finally back with a new episode and I'm worried I might be late for work because of it.

I'm currently sitting on my couch just mixing my Reese's Pieces cereal around in my bowl with my spoon. I've been awake for 2 hours or so catching up on some of my favorite blogs. I was just about to finish up and start my day when I made the mistake of clicking the Hulu bookmark at the top of my screen. It's a quarter to 12 and I have to be at work at 4:15. I was going to clean up the living room and start getting ready but screw that. I'll throw everything in a ball, shove some stuff into a drawer, put dishes in the sink and take a shorter shower. I got shows to watch.

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