Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Useless facts about myself #2

An ongoing list of useless things about myself you probably don't care about but I'm going to tell you anyway:

  • I like to make lists of things. I like to write things down. I have about 50 million half-finished notebook scattered across my house.
  • I HATE using pencils. And I HATE blue ink.
  • Vegetarian of 6 years!
  • Sewing and DIY'ing things is a big part of my life
  • I refuse to wear pants unless it's absolutely necessary. I own two pairs of pants and they are for emergencies only.
  • You will never catch me NOT wearing pink. You just won't.
  • I have perfectionist tendencies, thanks mom
  • Although most of the time I'm a hot mess
  • Hopeless romantic
  • Obsessed with all things love-related. 
  • Actually I'm quick to become obsessed with lots of things
  • Hablo espaƱol, pero solo un poquito.
  • I find it hard to watch most movies more than once, once it's over it's over and I don't ever wanna hear about it again.

1 comment:

  1. I like making lists too. It makes me feel better to be able to look at it. I hate wearing pants too, I think I only own 4 pair & that is too many!