Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pool Hall Junkies + A Game of Truth

Last Friday I didn't get home until about 3 am! I know, crazy right? I've never been out that late!

My friend from high school came to my house after work. He actually came inside and met my dad which was bizarre because in my whole life only like 3 people have ever been inside my house! Needless to say I was mortified when my dad began his interrogation. Thankfully it was over quickly and we left. Picked up his cousin Kyle and his friend Ezana on the way. We went to a little cafe a few towns over and watched some local bands play. His friend is in the band The Brothers Small and I really dig them. (The Brothers Small Facebook & Soundcloud) Also while I have you looking up some music you should ABSOLUTELY listen to my friend Jesse, he goes by the name Asymptote! Here's his Youtube SoundCloud & Facebook. Tell him Ebone sent cha ;) Just kidding don't tell him that.

So back to the story... I met a few new people there including 'little miss sunshine.' Her name was Sara and she literally has one of the happiest smiles I've ever seen! There were a few really drunk dudes alllll the way turnt up right off the side off the lil stage. Now mind you, this is a relatively small cafe so we're about 7 or 8 feet away from them. This one guy in particular in Jesse's words was "the epitome of a frat boy." And he was right, but no judgements here. If you wanna have fun, have fun. But it was entertaining to say the least. Oh and I learned what a 'mosh pit' was! Haha at first I was confused and a little nervous that a fight was sure to break out. But apparently it's dancing?? I mean, running into each other, pushing and shoving, jumping around... I looked around and no one was really reacting to it. I thought, okay so we're all just gonna ignore that? Pretend it's not happening? Alrighty then.... Doesn't look like any dancing I've ever seen. I don't get it but do you boo. Do you.

I don't know how long we were there, maybe an hour and a half? Anyway I had a great time. Afterward we went to the pool hall that I'd heard so much about. I don't know what I was expecting it to look like. I guess I thought it would be like it was on television. Dim, smokey, lots of testosterone. But it was the exact opposite! It reminded me of an arcade but instead of video games there were pool tables all over the place. They had a little section off to the side for darts, an air hokey table, a foosball table too! (I may or may not have just Googled how to spell foosball) But 80% of the floor was filled with what I'm gonna guess as 20 pool tables with about a hundred people all around. There was music playing and everyone in the building seemed to be having a great time! And I was worse than I thought at pool. But I gave it the old college try. His cousin was actually pretty good at it. K- Jesse's cousin is funny. E- his friend is quiet for the most part but he's really chill. There were a few lulls here and there when we ran out of things to say. But overall I had a fantastic night. Laughing pretty much the entire time.

On the way home J and I played Truth. It was fine until he punked out on me. He was trying to be respectful and I appreciate that... But the way he avoided it I had a feeling that I knew what he wanted to ask. Earlier I caught him looking at my scars. No I didn't feel embarrassed or ashamed... just... I don't know... I think I was a little nervous and braced myself for his reaction. Was he annoyed? Does he think I'm crazy? Is he grossed out? Will he think it's ugly? Does he think I'm stupid? But he didn't have one. He saw it, tilted his head for a second, and that was that. As a matter of fact the whole night I saw no judgement from any of them! Can we just take a moment to appreciate that? Oh man I was so relieved! I brought a coat with me because it was so cold outside but I was nervous about leaving my little cardigan sweater in the car because I'm so used to always covering up at work and stuff. But there was no need. I was totally comfortable. No judgements no questions. As it should be.
So I figured that must be what he wanted to know about. He thought he might come off as to intrusive but I told him it's better to just ask. He wanted to know how old they were. Now keep in mind the name of the game is TRUTH. However I didn't tell him the whole truth. Then he really would have thought I was crazy. I told him they were from a few months ago and we left it at that. Again, I waited for his reaction and tried to guess what he was thinking. Nothing. He did say though that he's known people with the same problem so it's not a big deal to him. I guess that was supposed to make me feel better? But I suddenly felt really self-conscious. So I stayed quiet for a moment. We moved on and didn't speak of it again.

We failed to get fries at Mickey D's because apparently not all of them are 24 hours haha! But that's alright. He drove me home and we said our goodbyes.

I haven't seen this guy or even talked to him since high school. To be honest we weren't close at all in high school. But after getting to know him a little bit this past month I'm pleasantly surprised that he's very cool and a real gentleman.

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