Thursday, June 5, 2014

May Happenings

As of late my blog posts have unintentionally been all sewing all the time. Which is fine, but I want to keep it from being impersonal. As I've mentioned a million times before, I'm more of a stay-at-home kind of person. Although I do have my fair share of adventures. (And by adventures I mean actually leaving the house for any reason other than work.) Last month was both weird and very very good. Lots of productivity. Now because of the way I live my life- work, sew, read, sleep, repeat-  I was either too tired or too busy to blog day to day. I thought about doing a huge post on the last day of May talking about everything that happened all month long... but that would be too long and too boring! So instead here's the Cliff Note version. A summary, if you will:
  1. Babysat for the neighbors and got paaaaaaid
  2. Then I had to pay bills and was brooooooke lol
  3. Got a ton of sewing done, lots more to go but still
  4. After having the same little cell phone since grade 11, I finally got a new one!
  5. Quickly became a social media addict
  6. Walking. Lots and lots of walking. About 4-5 miles every other day
  7. Also, spent plenty of time in the sun.
  8. As a result of #7, I got a few shades darker. The blacker the berry...
  9. Got back on track with healthy eating!
  10. Was really sad for about a week
  11. Hung out with a good friend of mine
  12. Got happier, much happier
  13. FINALLY got the internet working upstairs
  14. Spent quality time with mi familia
  15. Spent most of THAT time with my perfect adorable niece
  16. Cut my hair - just a trim, really. And boy has it grown since the last time!
  17. Made progress on unpacking and decorating
  18. Finished two books. Can hardly wait to get started on the next one!!
  19. Got an offer for a side job (holla!)
 Cheers to the month of June. We're only 5 days in and I'm already seeing great things!

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