Tuesday, June 10, 2014

ModCloth/Zooey Deschanel Copycat Dress

http://wwzdw.com/z/3341/ http://wwzdw.com/z/3341/

I don't know whyyyyy my arm looks so ridiculously long in that one picture! But I promise I'm perfectly proportioned (well, maybe not perfectly). ANYWAY, I love my girl Zooey and as I re-watched an old episode of New Girl I drooled over this blue dress. I went with purple instead of blue because I realized I had quite a few blue dresses already. Plus the color scheme of the Russian dolls didn't look so great with blue. Zooey's dress is above the knee but I prefer to have longer skirts just because. Although I may change it because the more I look at it the more naked and awkward the long skirt looks. I dunno, maybe. Also added: puff sleeves! Simply because I love puff sleeves. There's no belt/sash- honestly I was too lazy to make one. But now I'm thinking maybe the length wouldn't look so weird if it had a purple belt. The dress (as with most dresses worn on New Girl) is from ModCloth. It's their Doll in All dress (no longer available!).
Theirs - $89
Mine ~ $25

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  1. Very cute! Did you use a pattern or just draft it up on your own? I like it.

    Erika @ www.rejoicefortheday.com