Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Close to Him again

I won't go into detail just yet, but just to touch on it briefly I want a better relationship with God. 

I grew up in a christian church/household with a preacher for a father. It's in my veins. No, I do not believe because "that's how I was raised", it's all I knew, I was brainwashed, or whatever silly reason people try and pin on me. I believe what I believe because it is true for me in my soul and spirit.

When I got into middle school and high school I went through a rebellious phase. Or what you might call "backsliding." But it was short lived lasting for about 5 or so years. I know 5 years doesn't sound short but you know as well as I when you're young those years fly right on by!

Over the years I've questioned just about every bit of my faith and came back to the conclusion (because I know deep down this has always been the answer for me, I was just lost for a period) that God is my one and only. Literally the key to everything in my life! Christianity isn't a religion for me, it's a relationship with God, a lifestyle choice, and being part of a family of believers.

Random memory: When I was a kid though, I WAS very religious. I never missed Sunday church, regardless of weather conditions or being sick. I was always at bible study whether it was in church or at home with my parents. Prayed 'The Lord's Prayer' every morning on the way to school and just before bed. I even stayed up some nights and weekends to watch church services broadcasts on television. For a while I was as happy as can be singing in the church choir with my aunt and cousins. Lol granny would've been proud. But like I said, as soon as I started growing up I became more exposed to the ways of the world. I was curious, tempted even, pretty soon I decided to break away and do my own thing for a few years.

This post is really scattered and doesn't make a whole 'lotta sense. But you'll have to excuse me. It's after 1A.M.

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