Tuesday, January 21, 2014


I've been quite a busy bee as of late. So far this month I've been: 
  1. Reconnected with a couple of old friends
  2. Giving sewing lessons to my neighbor
  3. Sewing like crazy in my free time
  4. Hunting for a second job

I know that's only 4 things, but those four things take A LOT of time and A LOT of energy! But this is good for me. Even though I'm really tired at the end of every day being busy is the best feeling ever! I love having a full schedule, something to wake up for, lists of things to get done, places to be... I love to feel useful. And I love making people happy! Which is exactly what I've been doing all month. Reconnecting makes me and my friends happy (win-win!). Sewing lessons help my neighbor feel great about herself and I get a sense of accomplishment from being a good teacher. Making things in my free time for friends and family (and a few thing for myself ) makes everybody happy! Looking for a second job makes me feel good because I know that I can handle the responsibility. I wanna be able to help out more with taking care of whatever finances at home and also that second paycheck will really help me with saving money. So everybody wins!!

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