Monday, January 27, 2014


I OFFICIALLY HATE PRINCESS SEAMS! I could not get them to lay right. They were crooked, too loose, too tight, uneven, just ugh. So I just settled for this and ended it. It's still a little loose but it's comfortable which is all the really matters to me in the end anyway. Also I changed the neckline in the front and the back just because. I love the skirt of it! Normally I go for a really full one because I like the twirl-factor but a long sort of a-line skirt is really nice for a change. The fabric still flows nicely when I move. Or when the wind blows (see first photo). I've seen other girls dresses with this pattern and they seem to all turn out really nicely. The princess seams are very flattering. Maybe I'm just doing it all wrong, oh well. Practice makes perfect!


  1. Princess seams ARE a pain, and not really ideal for a petite lass like yourself!
    I use them sometimes, but being enormous upfront, they work really well to give me shape.
    Your sewing is amazing! X

    1. So that's what princess seams are for? To give shape? I wish I'd known beforehand, lol but you learn as you go! And thank you so much Helga!! xoxoxo