Thursday, January 16, 2014

60's Paper Doll - my first vintage pattern!!

I bought a pattern on Etsy about a month ago. I was nervous to purchase it just because I'd never actually ordered a pattern before. I took my measurements then double and triple checked with the patterns measurements to make sure this wouldn't turn out to be a dress for a size 0. The pattern was originally printed in the 60s and it was designed for a junior/teen size 12. The seller had noted that the pattern pieces had been cut but verified that all were included. That was a relief. For some reason a lot of people who sell vintage or out of print patterns (or any patterns really) never seem to give enough information. Just "size 16, good condition" and that's it!!! What if there are pieces missing? What if it's damaged? How am I supposed to know what the exact measurements are? Ugh, it can be a pain searching for hours for the perfect pattern... but it's definitely worth it once you find one that works for you.

This one works so well for me and I think I'm obsessed. Wait never mind I AM obsessed! I've made 5 of these dresses so far and I can't get enough. It fits me like a doggone glove. As I've mentioned I had already checked the measurements but as with any pattern ever I had expected to still need to take it in or modify it along the way. But nope! I didn't have to do anything! The pattern pieces had already been cut out thanks to the previous owner (which I'm not complaining about. Makes it 300x's easier for me!). I'm not a huge fan of gathered skirts so I just made a circle skirt instead. I made this in mid-December and I've already worn it four times. It is such a fun little dress.

You'll be seeing plenty of dresses with this pattern in the near future :)

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