Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Odd but cute

Lately I've been having nightmares. I  know it's tied to all the goings' on with moving. Also I've been really nauseous which obviously kills my appetite. But I'll be fine, maybe I'll even be able to lose a few pounds. Either way I just need to get through this next month. It'll all work out. Nightmares are only nightmares. They're not real.

The other day my mom raved about one of her friends sons. These days the attempts others make at setting me up are laughable. I mean, what girl hasn't had their mother/sister/family friends etc. try and hook 'em up with an ~eligible suitor? It's normal and common and I know they're just lookin out for me. It's sweet. But really guys? GET THIS- what's-his-face is 30 years old. 30!! She wants me to someday meet this guy who's 10+ years my senior and yet she flies off the handle when I go out with a man of my choosing? Let's not forget the last couple of dates have been 8-14 years older. I guess she's okay with me dating older men so long as she gets to say who. Whatever mom. Anyway, I'm not looking to get into any kind of relationship or even courtship for that matter. I just wanna focus on getting my life together. Working my butt off to save money, learning new things, making new friendships and getting healthy is really all I want right now. Also boys have cooties and it's flu season so there you go.

I haven't talked to my friend in a couple of days. Sunday I think? And last night out of nowhere I got a goodnight text. I'm pretty sure I know what your thinking after what I JUST said about not trippin off boys... But we're just friends trust me. And don't you dare say "awww" this is not an awww moment! But it was very sweet. Odd, but cute.

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