Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Five things

  1. I've been channeling all of my negative energy into sewing. So far so good: countless Christmas gifts, 12 dresses and skirts, 2 fleece blankets. I'M ON A ROLL! This has been serving as a really great distraction from my urges as well. It's been cut down pretty significantly! At first I was a little disappointed in myself for buying first-aid supplies. But you know what, it's better to be safe than sorry. I've relapsed enough times to know that I need to be prepared. Especially with the troubling times ahead of me.
  2. I've been giving sewing lessons to my neighbor. She's 51 years old, has three kids, a husband, three dogs, loves cooking and is obsessed with The First 48. She found me taking pictures in the common area and I was like oh no I've been spotted! I already had an alibi in an effort to play off the fact that I was taking a million pictures of myself all the time. I was taking a photography class and the assignment was a self portrait, everyday for a month lol. A little ridiculous and unnecessary but it's worked in the past so whatever. This time though there was no need for a back story. She simply approached me and asked where I got my clothes from. That lead to a pretty cool conversation. She told me she was trying to get into sewing herself and it just so happened that she recently bought a sewing machine. We chatted for a bit and later that day I walked over to her house and gave my first sewing lesson! It felt really good to not only make nice with a fellow neighbor but also the fact that I actually taught someone something useful.
  3. After more than a year I bought some hair dye. While I was at it I decided it was time for a haircut as well. Please ignore my hot mess of a face, tired eyes and smudged eyeliner, it was a long day...
  4. I'm thinking of making things to sell again. But this time hardcore. I get asked all the time about my clothes and little accessories that I wear and people are pretty surprised to know that I make them myself. I've got the techniques down. And I've had plenty of practice. Plus I have so much doggone fabric in my stash!! I have tons of ideas and since my nieces have come into the world I've been experimenting with lots of baby-related things. I've got time on my hands and nothing to lose. I've sold things before I don't see why I couldn't do it again. And I could really use the money, so there's that.
  5.  We're moving this weekend. All 4 of us are moving downstairs while they redo the floors upstairs. Then we're going right back up. It's gonna be a little bit of a challenge I think to move the majority of our stuff downstairs all by ourselves only to go right back up in two or three weeks. But it's worth it. And it's a heck of a lot better than having to stay in a random motel and live out of suitcases until it's over.

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