Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bedsheet dress #2 - Simplicity 2248

This dress looked pretty easy. Just a front and back pattern piece and a piece for the sleeves thing. Just three pieces! I thought oh cool super easy- WRONG! It has these weird darts that were so unflattering. I tried to adjust them the best I could but as you see they wound up sorta crooked and uneven. The way the pattern had suggested the darts/pleats/panels were supposed to come all the way down to my belly button. Maybe on a taller slimmer girl it'd look good but not on me. If you're wondering why I picked this pattern up in the first place it was the key hole back and the sleeve options. Other than that it was pretty much impulse. It's not a terrible dress. Just... not how I wanted it to turn out. 

Clearly this dress is screaming for a belt. I honestly think it looks 10x's better, am I right?

Omg I can't even lie, I was so frustrated with this dress trying to make it work. I had to put it down and come back to it on another day. Two days and a whole lot of fairy dust. I probably won't ever make this dress again but I do love the key hole sleeves. So I won't be getting rid of this one. It's not all bad lol. But what IS bad is the length... I thought it'd be cute at the knee like on the models, but I forgot that models are like 6 feet tall. On my 5'4" self it just looks plain awkward. Maybe mid-thigh? Or I may even just nix the whole dress idea and make it into a top. Sound good? Good.

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