Thursday, August 22, 2013


If you're currently reading this on my blog (which you are, obvi), then you may notice a bit of craziness goin on.


I'm trying to learn all the ins-n-outs of designing my blog myself! As many of you know, this can be a long and frustrating process... 

So far so good but it's not 100% where I want it to be. More like 60%.

So certain links they may be out of whack, graphics are lookin kinda janky, and the like...

Not the greatest thing but I'm a fast learner and I honestly think I'm getting the hang of it :)

Thanks for being patient while I figure things out yall!!

 P.S. it may or may not be "finished" by Saturday. That's what I'm shootin for anyway... ya girls got thangs to do and naps to take lol

So feel free to stalk my blog, I'll still be posting on a regular basis.
Nothing has changed... just the aesthetics!

Everything in my archives and categories section is fully functional despite this :)

*****edit:everything is finished now!!! How does it look?

 photo signature_zpsbd922b58.png <----look! I even made a snazzy signature for the end of all my posts!!!


  1. Your blog layout looks lovely! Especially like the flowers on your banner, did you design them yourself?

    1. Hey Rouge!
      Thanks so much! I was worried it might be too much or not enough lol. But I think it's where I want it now.

      The flowers themselves? No, but I did resize and arrange them myself. I found flower clip art freebies on a random blog I found through Pinterest. I honestly can't remember where. BUT if you'd like I'd be more than happy to try and find them for you!

      Hope you're having a splendid weekend!

  2. Looking great! I love your "Ink Nest" graphics :]]


    1. Hey pretty lady!
      Thank you so much I'm glad you like it!!
      Took me forever to figure it out, lol idk how blog designers do it!