Monday, August 12, 2013

My take on a 60's shift dress

I intended to make a basic a-line dress. but it ended up looking something more like a 60's... shift dress? Maybe it's both, either way I made it back in February but I never blogged about it until today. Did I mention I've only worn it once?

Now, there was no pattern on this one. I seriously took a dress I already had in my closet, laid it out over the floral fabric, traced it out, and sewed the two pieces together. That's it!!! Took about half an hour. Probably the fastest I've made a dress ever LOL. I think without a belt it's just a nice little dress but with a belt is when it looks retro. But in February (when I last wore it) it looks so different!

Anyway, I hope I can find a bunch of ways to remix it so I can get a lot of wear out of it this next season. Because I know you can't tell through the pictures but the fabric isn't too thin or too thick but it's sort of fuzzy on the inside? Idk if that makes sense. But it's warm! Not hot, just a comfortable warm :)
We shall see...

WOOOO, so now I've got all my July projects posted! I've been playing catch up with my blog for the last two weeks. Oops. But now you know why last month was sooo busy!

'Till next time!


  1. You my dear, are adorable! Lovely dress!

    1. Well hello there Mrs.Amber! For a second I was thinking, why is that name so familiar??? But then I realized that I follow you on Tumblr! LOL

      And thank you so much :)<3