Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tumblr Tuesday #3

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Special VMA's Edition!
To be completely honest with you, I didn't even watch the VMA's. I haven't watched television for more than 3 weeks (thanks to netflix) But Twitter and Tumblr pretty much told me all I needed to know.
Let's get into it!

 Pharell rolled up to the awards with wis sk8r crew LIKE A BOSS

 Everyone fangirling over 'NSYNC reuniting while Harry was eating an orange.
Also, Rihanna remained unamused all night

 Selena Gomez and Holland Roden were ultra-shmexy

This happened.

 Katy Perry's performance was lack-luster.

But costume choice was a perfect 10!

 Lady GaGa was a mermaid complete with a sea-shell top and stuck up for One Direction when they were booed.
Then she left in protest.
Miley left out of bitterness I'm assuming.

Macklamore was there and used his speech for gay rights...
While Taylor used hers to be tacky and call out her ex...

 OH and Bruno Mars is only 5'5"

My impression of what I missed? Some things cannot be unseen.

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  1. omg i have only seen these snippets so far and now i wanna go home so BAD so i can watch the whole thing!!

  2. The Alan Thicke / Billy Ray tweet wins the universe. If only, though, if only.