Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Be whoever YOU want to be : Tumblr Tuesday

(source Neryl Walker)
This isn't going to be some well thought out post. I'm not going to beat around the bush and say a bunch of sweet quotes and cliche's or be very heartfelt. This is for anyone who needs a bit of a kick in the pants. But quite frankly, this is more for myself than it is for you...

You do NOT need anyone's permission to be who you are.
You have every right to change who you are if you so choose.
You have every right to experiment, try, fail, try again and grow as a person.

  • If you want to wear a ton of make up - cake it on, girl. Or boy, I don't judge.
  • Into the natural look? That's cool too. Grace the world with your God-given beauty. Look your self in the mirror right now and say Yes, I AM beautiful
  • Wanna wear those sky high heels you've got saved in your closet? DO IT- Stand up straight and strut your stuff like the fierce woman that you are.
  • Feel like bumming it out for a while? Cool. Sweatpants are more comfortable anyway.
  • Itching to break into song and dance? Sing your precious heart out honey.
  • Have a lot to say? Tell anyone who'll listen, people are friendlier than you'd think.
  • Partying not your thing? Indulge in 'YOU' time, I'm sure you don't get enough of that.
  • If you want to do something, do it.
  • If you don't want to do something, don't.
  • If you end up changing your mind, fine. Switch it up. Do something else.
  • Change your mind again, and again, and again.

(source: unknown)

There are NO RULES!
Only the ones you set for yourself.

If someone criticizes you or tries to put you down for something you're doing or for simply being you, forget them. They're dead to you. What they're really showing you is how upset they are that you have the guts to do your own thang while they're stuck trying to fit into the mold of someone they don't even want to be.


  1. While I was reading your post I was thinking, "You go girl! Say it!". Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's important to remind each other to be ourselves, wholly and fully.