Thursday, July 18, 2013

Impromtu bible study at the wash house

We found a bunch of lost items... turns out the owners of the place just leave 'the lost things' on the clothes buggies. "Finders keepers!"

I was in desperate need of getting out of the house today, so I volunteered to tag along with my dad to the wash house. There's a brand spanking new Walmart that just opened up across the street so naturally I snuck away to grab some snacks for when I got back home. Popcorn with extra butter + peach tea.
When I came back we had about 35-40 minutes until all the clothes were dry so I suggested we put the time to good use. I cracked open the tea and dad cracked open the bible. There aren't any chairs here, just benches near the front entrances. So we actually sat on our overturned laundry baskets. Dad: "Don't put too much weight on it, it'll buckle and you'll fall." Me: "I don't have much weight to put on anything." As usual, we ran out of time and we folded the clothes + towels so we could make our way back to the house.
Dinner, a quick clean up, and we set up for movie time in the living room.

A good day.


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