Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Completed and failed goals of June

Remember when I had a list of goals for June?
  1. Find work
  2. Completely clean my apartment
  3. Purge my closet, again
  4. Avoid chocolate! (I'm allergic, but still very much addicted) MAJOR FAIL
  5. Walk 5 miles (not all at once, but over the entire month) The farthest I walked was to the end of the driveway to get into the car...
  6. Make some baby items for my very pregnant sister
  7. Visit with my grandparents whom I haven't seen in a few months *granddaughter fail* On July19, I'll see them. So not a total fail, right?
  8. Get my behind to the library and find at least 3 new books to read Yeah, I set myself up to fail on that one.

4 outta 8 ain't half bad. Well, technically it is actually half bad. But it's also half good!

1: I'm now working with my dad // 2: a clean house is a clean mind // 3: I donated plenty of things to some very deserving people // 4: I have lots and lots to show and tell next week!!!

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