Saturday, July 13, 2013

Nothing like retail therapy

This week has been a weird roller-coaster. Last weekend was a bit of a downer, Monday it picked up, and Tuesday/Wednesday I was an emotional wreck! So like the girl that I am I went out and got a new dress. I then proceeded to get dressed up and do my errands. YES I get dressed up sometimes just to run errands! It makes me feel better about myself so judge all you want. 
Anyway, you might remember me raving about it HERE a few months ago. Can you believe I forgot about it on layaway?! 
  2. It's padded so no need for an annoying bra! Fabulous because on a hot July day ain't nobody got time fo' that. 
  3. The flare is perfect for girls like me with no curves. 
  4. It's chambray so it's very light-weight. C'mon... you don't get a more perfect dress than that am I right ladies?

Yes, new clothes actually make me happy

LOL 'til next time lovebugs


  1. I am i love with this dress! The bow in the front and opening in the back = perfection!

    1. Hehehe Thanks Rachel <3
      I was a lil nervous when I wore it out because I never had a dress with a cutout before but this was pretty tasteful so it worked :)