Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy birthday to me!


I wasn't expecting anything. I never do on my birthday... It all started just after midnight. My dad came to me with a riddle. That led to a trail of riddles from everyone in the house. Almost like a game, it was so cute and thoughtful! Usually, I hate surprises and I always find a way to figure it out. So I have no idea how he was able to pull this one off but he did! Little by little the clues led me to a brand-spanking new kindle fire! Complete with pink case, of course. He must have known my little iTouch thing was on it's last leg. Now it's to the electronic graveyard for her LOL.

Being the night owl that I am I didn't wake up until around 1pm, oops. But I had a voice mail and a couple text messages from a few lovely people which is always great to wake up to regardless of birthdays. In my head I had envisioned a quiet day at home not having to lift a finger all day. But I was instructed to get up and get dressed. My reaction was nooo why... I just wanted to sleep! But I hopped in the shower, put on the pretty dress I had just made the day before, found my tiara, and we headed out to a *secret location.* My sisters must have remembered me saying I wanted sushi when we were hanging out on the 4th. Don't you just love it when people remember the little things? After ordering it took longer than I would have liked for everyone to get their food... but it was well worth the wait. I hadn't had sushi in two years. Two years people!! So you can imagine just how good the food tasted simply because I was deprived. BTW- we finally got my mom to try sushi and she loves it! Win! One parent down, one to go. Anyway, we went back to my sisters house for cake. Sadly, my sister put the ice cream cake in the refrigerator instead of the freezer so it was half melted. But it was absolutely hilarious! The letters had melted off to the side, strawberries fell off, just melted. However, it still tasted amazing! Red velvet with strawberry ice cream- so so delicious! Whoever picked it out knows me very well. 

Party fouls of the day:
  1. The wind blowing our dresses up
  2. Food taking waaay too long to get to us in a relatively empty restuarant
  3. Melted birthday cake
  4. No birthday candles
   But it was all in good fun.

 My birthday was so great thanks to my family :)<3

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