Friday, July 5, 2013

Obligatory 4th of July post

Yes I know, I've been away from the blog for some time... but it's my blog and I'll do as I please :)
Long story short- I've been going through a really rough time. June was a very hard month but it's over and I'm getting myself back on track. PLUS my birthday is in a couple of weeks! So I'm light weight excited for that. 
By now (even though it's only the day after) I'm sure you're sick of all the 4th of July talk... So I will hold no grudges if you choose to skip right on by this post, honest. I had a fabulous day and I'd like to share it cuz datz wat i do.
My day started around 10AM: I was getting dressed, painting my nails (so last minute), eating (more like snacking), singing (howling), shaving (reluctantly), and checking the weather. Not to my surprise it was predicted to be about 99-101 degrees! I don't mind the heat, as long as I'm inside. But I knew that we were going to be right on the water once we get to the marina so I wasn't too worried. Remember THIS DIY project I told you about, like forever ago? Well my darlin' I finished it! It's actually been finished for a couple of weeks but I decided to bust it out today! I was so proud of it and got a bunch of compliments from my fam :) I'll give an official reveal probably Monday- so be on the lookout for that!
1: My preggo sister L // 2: Hangin out under our canopy waiting for the rest of the crew to arrive
3: A few of the MILLION other people on the lawn picnic-ing + a Ferris wheel // 4: View of the "others"

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the first photo? I have always wanted to take a picture like that, don't ask. But I haven't been around too many pregnant people so I got my chance!! How cute is she?!
There were so many people there today, oh man! But my picture doesn't do it any justice. My sister T (who you'll see below) got there at around 10AM so she could secure us a perfect spot right in front of the water just left of the DJ. Across the water on the opposite side of the marina were the vendors and behind THAT was more food, and at the END of all that was the stage where there were some lil performances. 
 5: My Nonnie and I // 6: My amazing sis T // 7: My super sexy cousin K // 8: Teeny tiny sis B

Most of us were eating or have already eaten by the time the entire party had arrived. I was still just snacking because the heat completely knocked out my hunger and just made me thirsty!! My aunt R brought some tamales, the woman she had make them for us didn't speak English very well so when she wrote down 'chicken' and 'beef' so we knew which were which we got:
This became the running joke of the day :D I mean, look at the lil chicken! Look at it! I think we all laughed at it much more than we should have *Kanye shrug*
We weren't allowed to have alcohol  out in the open... but my sister already made the 50million jello shots, brought the wine+margaritas... And you know us, WE AIN'T WASTIN NOTHIN!!!

L: "We can't have alchohol out here?!"
 T: "I can in my red cup."

9: B and I being silly waiting for the show // 10: Trying to surprise a photo on T but she's always ready for photos, ALWAYS! // 11: GOT HER! // 12: Got T too! // 13: Group photo just before the show started
I have videos IN A PLAYLIST HERE of me *sort of* live-vloging throughout  the day if you care to watch.
(disclaimer: I suck at taking videos)
  • We got icecream, danced + grooved, walked around a LOT, and laughed like crazy people.
  • OH did I tell you a woman lost all three of her children? We found one of them.
  • Jokes, good food, nice 'neighbors', a great fire work show, and A FIRE.
  • After packing up and finally getting out of that frantic parking lot we headed back to T's house. We kept the doors open because the air outside was cooler than it was inside lol. LOVE summer nights like that, don't you? Catfish, more food, more jello shots (still had about 20 left over), talking, and finally headed home 'round 1130. Washed up, drank tea, and took my little butt straight to bed!

I hope wherever you were, whatever you were doing, that you had the time of your life!
Until next time! 


  1. Oh, it looks like you had such a fun time! Your outfit is lovely, and you look so happy! I especially love the picture of you and your sister!


    1. Hey gorgeous :)
      Thanks so much! I was really happy actually.
      Best day I've had in a WHILE!