Saturday, July 27, 2013

Exercise much?

I've never been one to willingly exercise. Back in high school my girlfriends and I were known in Phys-Ed for cutting every possible corner. We'd hide behind the scoreboards when we had to run a mile, only stretch when the teacher was watching, and request to go to the restroom just so we could hang out somewhere else. I'm sure almost everyone on the planet knows what I'm talkin' about with the get-out-of-here-quick tactics. Growing up I tried my hand at sports- running track, basketball, girls football (powder-puff), volleyball, and even cheerleading. To be honest half of them I quit because we couldn't afford it and the other half I never even made it past try-outs. I love to play sports for fun but I'm just not built to be any sort of athlete, I guess. By the time I got into high school I had stopped trying all together. Once I had met my physical education credit requirements I saw no need for anymore exercise. I mean, I was walking to-and-from school every day which was about two miles. That's ten miles every week! I figured that was good enough!

Unfortunately this carried over into my life three years later. I always stop at the 'good enough' mark. Like as long as I'm not walking around with a gut, my thighs aren't touching, and I go for a walk every once-in-a-while I'm good. NOT TRUE! I find that I'm exhausted almost all the time, no matter what I do I can never seem to get enough sleep, aches and pains are a daily occurrence among other things.

SIDEBAR: My whole life I've been sort of discouraged from really working out/watching my diet or anything of that nature. My fellow skinny-mini's I know you understand when I talk about the "omgbutyoursothinalready" remarks, right? But I digress...

I go through these times when I get a boost of motivation (probably from fitness-related tumblrs and pinterest boards) and do crazy workouts nearly everyday for two or three months which leaves me completely burned out. Needless to say I avoid anything fitness related afterwards. But I have decided that I need to get serious about my health. Regardless of what season it is, how I'm feeling, where I am, I have put together a small routine to get myself fit. There is such a huge difference between being skinny and being healthy. Or skinny and physically in shape. Or a ton of other comparisons I could make. The point is to make you understand that the two are in no way related! It's sad that a lot of people don't get that- but that's a whole other topic in itself.

I'm no expert, but personally I think it's wise to start small and ease yourself into a solid workout routine. Do what your body can handle and what fits into your lifestyle and build on it as you go along. And that's exactly what I'm doing. Starting today, for the next two weeks I'm going to commit to getting outside these four walls and taking a walk every day. Considering the fact that from my house to the shopping center is just over a mile, which makes the total trip about 2 1/2 miles, it'll be well worth the trip. Did I mention there's a yogurt place there? It'll be like a little reward! As long as I can restrain from pigging out while I'm there hehehe ;)

The only thing I'm concerned about is the tightness I get in my right calf and my weak ankles. I'm sure that stretching properly before and after should help with the tightness. But as for my weak ankles... I'm at a loss. I've had this problem my whole life. So if you have any tips or suggestions on how to strengthen weak ankles I'd be greatly appreciative!!

Til next time, wish me (and my ankles) luck!


  1. I'm Savannah! I found you via Bloglovin & really enjoy your blog! :)

    I decided to comment on this post because I have the same problems with my ankles! Super weak & I actually need surgery on one (eek). That was playing too much sports though.
    Here's some real recommendations that may help!
    -Invest in solid running shoes. It may be expensive, but it really is worth it. I decided to go that route & bought $100 Nikes last summer. They are fantastic for my ankles and are still in really good condition. Just check out your local sporting goods store and talk to a worker. (They help loads!)
    -Stretch the way you were saying! Also, maybe start out slower and gradually speed up your pace. This is really good for your muscles.
    - Listen to your body! If your calf is tight or your ankles really hurt, SLOW DOWN! Take a sitting break if you have to, but don't overwork them. That's definitely the most important tip :)

    Anyways hope that helps coming from someone with the same issue!
    My blog is

  2. Hey Savannah! Nice to meet you :) And thanks so much! <3

    Ugh I've been so reluctant to buying running shoes because of money. But you're absolutely right... especially since I plan on doin a whooole lot of exercise! It's worth the investment.
    Those are really good tips!! I always believed in the whole "no pain no gain" mentality. Clearly that hasn't worked out for me LOL. Bummer that you have bad ankles too- but this is why blogging's great. We can help each other out :)Thank you so much Savy!