Monday, September 30, 2013

Bits from last weekend

 Look what I found at Safeway!! Do you remember these shows?! I can see how Mr. Bill would be a good dog toy, but Lambchop??? I didn't buy them, but I kind of want to add them to my stuffed aminal collection. Yes, I said aminal and no that wasn't a typo.

Went to my nephew's 20th birthday dinner on Friday night. There was actually a live band on the opposite side of the restaurant. A really bad live band... Food was great though! I've never heard of apple butter before, but omg it is gee-double-oh-dee GOOD ^___^  There was all kinds of tri tip, ribs, sirloin, blah blah blah. And being a vegetarian, I was beginning to be regretful of coming. But thankfully most places have great options like they actually had a veggie burger, shrimp meals, and catfish. I went with the BBQ shrimp and garlic mashed potatoes. Delicioso!!!

Saturday I got up 'round 9AM to get ready for a full day. I opted for all of my brightest things! I don't have t pictured but I wore a rainbow dress, orange bag, rainbow/silver earrings, hot pink lipstick, and sparkly pink bow! My sister invited me to spend the day with her at a food festival called the "Eat Real Food Festival" in Jack London Square and to the Jamaican street market in Berkeley. I felt that bright colors were an absolute requirement.

 My sis and I went to her BFF's house to get her make up done and take some photos for her website. And then it turned into a mini photoshoot for her friends side business! We had a lot of fun. So much laughter went on at her house. It's funny how you can tell people are best friends. They both act like the same person- total goofballs.
After that was over, I met up with my other sister and my nephew and headed out to the market.

All the colors, beads, woods, and just the overall ethnic feel of everything was so great. I loved getting to hang out and bond some more with my older sister :)<3 I got a lot of inspiration from that street market. OH! And there was music!! So much music. On the far end of the lot there was a huge circle of guys with drums (many of them had been handmade by them!) and they were JAMMIN! I mean it was so cool to see everyone really feeling the music. There were some hippies hanging out just off to the side too. Men and women with very strange clothes and unwashed hair hula-hooping like mad. I'm not judging- do yo thang girl. I love hula-hooping myself. But it did make me giggle.

Some hours later we headed off to the food festival. I'm mad that I didn't think to take pictures but there was so much commotion I guess I just forgot. Anyway, food trucks everywhere you turned all with cute names and pretty decorated trucks to boot! Shut You're Hole (donuts & donut holes), Me So Hungry (sliders), Grilled Cheese Bandits, Bite-Size Happiness (mochi ice cream), and about 16 more I can't remember. *Mental note, take pictures of cool things every time you go out*

Sunday was laundry day. Womp womp. I watched Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited on BBC which was cool because it gave me some insight on the doctors 7 & 8. Dad brought me candy, and then I almost killed the dog because I left it out on the table while I fell asleep (it was chocolate. But she's alive I swear!). Dad got a lil mad but I argued that I did not kill her and even if I had it would have been an accident *wink* and proceeded to eat more chocolate. Chocolate that i stole from my mom I might add.

While I'm half-writing this post half-cleaning the living room I found MORE chocolate in my purse!!! It's from the restaurant from Friday night! You know how some places give little mints or something as you leave? Well, this place had full sized tootsie pops! Technically, you're only supposed to take one. But the waitresses will look the other way if you take more. So I did. I took 3 without shame.

That concludes my weekend! Now I'm gonna make tea and paint my nails.

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  1. Oh my gosh everything is so fun and colorful! I would have a hard time leaving with picking up a few things for sure!